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Many concerts and exhibitions have been planned for the 20th anniversary of Leslie Cheung's passing, including the Chan Suk Fun, William Chang and Wing Shya organized Miss You Much Leslie exhibition
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In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of "Gor Gor" Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing, numerous memorial events would take place in Hong Kong. They included Cheung Kwok Wing's former manager and friend, Fun Entertainment chief Florence Chan Suk Fun organized April 1st Hong Kong Coliseum concert -- MISS YOU MUCH LESLIE 2023 concert, and the exhibition that she, master class image designer William Chang Suk Ping and famous photographer Wing Shya organized. Chan Suk Fun revealed that concert tickets were sold out on the first day. Many overseas and mainland "Gor" fans would be unable to come to Hong Kong or get tickets. They through different channels asked the organizers to arrange for a live online broadcast of the concert. She decided to broadcast the show simultaneously on the online platform MiFaShow.

Starting March 29th, the Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition would take place at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Sha Tin. The April 1st Hong Kong Coliseum Miss You Much Leslie concert 2023's preparation has been heating up. The work before hand has been numerous and complex. Chan Suk Fun, ,both the memorial exhibition planner and concert organizer said that as long as "Gor" fans would have the opportunity to get together and remember Gor Gor on the important day of the 20th anniversary, it would be worth even more work for her and the behind the scene team.

Mrs. Chan said that in the past "Gor" fans on April 1st would order floral arrangements and send them to certain destinations to remember "Gor Gor". She said that this time the Miss You Much Leslie concert 2023 would have many artists and guests in attendance, but the back stage space would be truly limited. Even the tunnels would be used for related performance preparation. Thus she expected that there would be no room back stage for everyone's floral arrangements. Mrs. Chan urged everyone against sending floral arrangements to the Hong Kong Coliseum. She also hoped that "Gor" fans would only bring one red or white rose. She understood that for "Gor" fans the floral arrangements were expressions of how much they missed Gor Gor. Thus if the aforementioned arrangement would bring inconvenience for anyone, she would hereby apologize and ask for forgiveness. Mrs. Chan also gave a gentle reminder that the memorial concert would start on time, so "Gor" fans should pick up their tickets as soon as possible.

Mrs. Chan revealed that the Miss You Much Leslie concert 2023 tickets were sold out on the first day. However, many overseas and mainland "Gor" fans were either unable to come to Hong Kong or get tickets and would be unable to participate in person. They through different channels inquired the organizers whether the concert would be broadcast live online. Mrs. Chan responded that she has always hoped for even more "Gor" fans to be able to participate in this Hong Kong Coliseum concert. In addition the tickets have been the speculation target for scalpers. In order to keep "Gor" fans from suffering monetary losses due to a panic to buy tickets, she put in her greatest effort to compromise and resolve some technical issues with everyone and hope that "Gor" fans around the world would be able to remember Gor Gor on this important day. Now she has already confirmed that through the online platform MiFaShow the concert would be broadcast live. Hong Kong and overseas "Gor" fans would be able to enjoy the simultaneous broadcast of the show on this site. In coordination with the time zone differences in Europe and America, "Gor" fans there would also be able to watch the replay on April 1st at night local time. The Miss You Much Leslie 2023 concert live broadcasts pass would cost HK$ 188; the organizers are still working on the mainland broadcast and asked for patience from "Gor" fans as details would be announced later. This concert and all related paid broadcast proceeds after expenses would be donated to Sounds Great in support of the Leslie Fun Rice project.

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