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Frankie Lam, Kathy Yuen, Pinky Cheung, Rachel Lam, Patrick Tam
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Frankie Lam, Kathy Yuen, Pinky Cheung, Patrick Tam attend the wrap banquet. Kathy Yuen and Patrick Tam both wear black.
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Frankie Lam Man Lung executive produced and starred in the new film NGOR MOON TING JIN BA (LET'S STOP FIGHTING), which held a celebration two nights ago. Other attendees included screen writers Rachel Lam Hei Tung, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Pinky Cheung Man Chi, Ai Wai, Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) and Charles Ying Cheung Yau. NGOR was about the Hong Kong situation. Lam Man Lung pointed out that the story coincidentally matched with the latest Hong Kong situation. As for the recent "Occupy Central" movement, Lam Man Lung said, "I haven't supported it, the matter has no right or now. Each side has its own stance, both sides have right and right. I can't comment over an individual event. Many people flock to do something, but we must isolate our own thinking to look at the entire matter." Screen writer and actress Lam Hei Tung said that she said something that she wanted to say so she wrote the story. As for the current situation of Hong Kong, Lam Hei Tung said, "Everything is cyclical, I believe each place would have something like this happening. I would express my opinions on the streets. I understand that a nation has something it has to be concerned about, but when you go to the streets you would know the students' stance."

Tam Yiu Man played a teacher in the film and had intimate scenes with Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi). He said, "We have a lot of action, from the balcony to the room. She almost hit her head." As for "Occupy Central", Tam Yiu Man said, "I have no interest in politics myself. My motivation for work is not political, but I can sense the unity of Hong Kong people and the next generation. They are braver than me. When I was their age I didn't daring to take my appeal on the streets, but being calm is the most important. The community needs to operate normally, I hope they would negotiate under order." Two days ago was Cheung Man Chi's 43rd birthday. She pointed out that she did not mind telling her age. Cheung Man Chi said, "I was born in 1971, but a site said that I was born in 1973. I even notified them to make the correction to avoid people saying that I am falsifying my age." She said that she has been celebrating the entire month and already had six birthday cakes. She also received many birthday gifts.

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