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Although Chapman To shares Anthony Wong's posts on Facebook, they have not made up
TVB fails to get Chapman To to remove his yellow ribbon and can only continue the interview, after which Chapman To remains upset.  
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Chapman To Man Chak yesterday appeared at the Dragon Center to promote his film FLIRTING IN THE AIR. When TVB interviewed him, the host asked Ah Jat to remove his yellow ribbon that showed his support for the movement and upset Ah Jat. Ah Jat immediately broke into foul language and refused to back down. "TVB doesn't allow people to wear yellow ribbons, crazy." TVB could only continued the interview. Ah Jat was still angry after the interview, "Air it if you like, don't air it if you don't."

Although the film's director Wong Jing earlier wore blue to support the police, Ah Jat did not criticize him because Brother Jing has always been very supportive of him and respected his stance. "Family and friends all have their own stance, I don't mind them too much. Privately Brother Jing and I have chatted, I very rarely discussed politics and religion with friends."

Ah Jat on Facebook unfriended several friends, not because of their stance but their intelligence quotient. "I have friends whose stance differ fro mine, but I didn't unfriend them because I know they are normal people. They have the ability to analyze, only their thinking is different and is worthy of respect. Yet intelligence quotient is just as infectious as the flu, it can give you headache, runny nose, red eyes and coughs. It's very hard, so I unfriended as much I could. Eras are like this, I will worry about it when it passes. When I read a few lines from (Anthony) Wong Chau Sun, I would share them too." He denied that he and Chau Sun have made up, only at the current moment of history he put aside their personal grudges. Protecting children was the most important. "No matter how incompatible our personalities are, how different our stances are, seeing the kind words of this person, I have to believe that what he says comes from the heart."

Ah Jat felt that it would be inconvenient for him to appear in the districts, so he could only support them in spirit. He said, "Many people think artists speak up in order to make more money. I am obviously doing Hong Kong business, if I go and support the students what can I really do? I may add trouble for everyone." He pointed out that now artists have little to no effect. "Chow Yun Fat is Hong Kong's most famous artist, even when Fat Gor spoke up no one listened. (Tony) Leung Chiu Wai who never minds or talks about other people's matter spoke up, you know how severe the matter is. So what? The government remains just as cold! Even Chow Yun Fat and Leung Chiu Wai are useless, what can I To Man Chak help with?" Ah Jat felt that there is no god on the battlefield, he hoped everyone would pray according to their own religions.

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