Sunday, February 8, 2015


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Zhang Ziyi announces her I DO on Weibo, Wang Feng chimes in
Natasha Na, Wang Feng, Zhang Ziyi, Wang Leehom's wife and Wang Leehom
Zhang Ziyi and Su Mangqing
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With fireworks in the background, Wang Feng gets on one knee and proposes to Zhang Ziyi
A kiss after the proposal acceptance
Wang Feng turns Zhang Ziyi's 36th birthday party into a surprise marriage proposal
Wang Feng proposes to Zhang Ziyi with friends as his witnesses
Wang Feng takes a wedding ring from a drone
Zhang Ziyi's birthday party is decorated with flowers and sheeps
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Zhang Ziyi on the eve of her 36th birthday got engaged! Two nights ago Wang Feng spent a 1 million on Ziyi's birthday party! The highlight was Wang Feng's surprise as he suddenly got on one knee, made his "love declaration" and proposed. Ziyi was moved to tears as she accepted his proposal!

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