Thursday, February 26, 2015


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Charmaine Sheh Si Man and Francis Ng Chun Yu yesterday attended an audience appreciation event for their film TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) at a Tseung Kwan O cinema. They suddenly appeared after the show and the entire audience went into an uproar! They asked the audience questions then gave away film memorabilia. Viewers also fought to take photos with them and ask for autographs. Chun Yu also took out his phone to take selfies with Ah Sheh.

Reportedly TVB will make a film version of LINE WALKER (SI TOH HUNG JEH) this year with two great Best Actors Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Sean Lau Ching Wan to make Ah Sheh into a Best Actress. When asked Ah Sheh said that she has not been notified about the film. If the rumor was true she of course would like to make it because she liked her character very much. Also she has not worked with Ka Fai and Ching Wan. She said, "I really want to work with them because I definitely will learn a lot. (This year will you make more movies?) I leave it up to the company, aside other than film I want to try a play too."

Chun Yu originally was to head to the Mainland for a film yesterday, but suddenly the audience appreciation event came so he postponed his departure. He said, "I come to the audience appreciation like I am paying the audience a New Year visit. I have very few opportunities to be close to the audience. With all the appreciation, I am all appreciated out!" While working in the Mainland, would he get a massage to relax? He admitted that when he used to work in the Mainland, his first choice was a massage. However now he does not dare because he was afraid of being caught and written by. He dared even less to send someone to his room. He could only meditate on his own to relax.

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