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Ella Chen postpones parenthood plan for work
Ricky Fan hosts Wen Chao and Ella Chen
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The music group S.H.E. member Ella Chen Chia-Hwa, Lollipop F members Fabien Yang (Siao Yu), Awayne Liu (A Wei) and Wen Chao yesterday appeared on the TVB program BIG BOYS CLUB to promote their Lunar New Year film MY LUCKY STAR (GUT SING GO JIU).

Ella said that when she was little she always watched Hong Kong Lunar New Year films, she never thought that now she has to chance to be in one. She felt both happy and honored, as she discovered that working with a big group on a comedy was a lot of fun. This time in the film she played Wong Cho Lam's mischievous and oddball sister. In the film she was a super Stephen Chow Sing Chi fan and set up a fan club. She and Wen Chao would have romantic scenes and even a kiss scene, but they were more funny. Did she have to ask her husband before taking the role? Ella admitted that she did not, her husband would not mind her intimate scenes as he would always respect her.

Her friend Selina (Jen Chia-Hsuan) earlier said that she hoped to have a baby and have one with her at the same time. Ella said that this year her work schedule was booked until the end of the year. She would have to finish her work first before preparing to get pregnant. Thus she probably would have one a little later than Selina. She hoped that Selina would have one soon so she could play with her baby.

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