Sunday, February 15, 2015


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"Left Lun Right Lee" reunite for songs and comedy
Emily Lo and Hacken Lee run into badminton player Lee Chong Wei at the airport
Emily Lo and Hacken Lee attend Alan Tam's concert on Valentine's Day
Alan Tam and Hacken Lee tells dirty jokes
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Alan Tam Wing Lun two nights ago held the second show of his Hong Kong Coliseum concert series and invited Hacken Lee Hak Kun as his guest. As "Left Lun Right Lee" reunited, they told dirty jokes on the stage.

Alan said that once someone asked if "Left Lun Right Lee" were neighbors. He joked that they could not, because as soon as they left their home and saw each other they would say, "Left Lun". Hacken joked, "Left Lun's like foul language. Even Alan didn't dare to say, it not to mention me."

Two nights ago was Valentine's Day, Hacken said that because it was Alan's concert his wife did not mind spending it at the HK Coliseum. Alan often let her win at badminton. He also said the Principal had an official uniform for badminton, as he would always wear a pair of leggings. Alan joked, "It's very modern, but actually it's because I forgot to bring the sweats that I wore on the outside." He also said that he was the most afraid that Hacken's wife would mind. He said, "However when I play I do no damage at all."

Alan originally said that he would not get into shape for this concert, but earlier he played badminton for exercise and lost 13 pounds four days before the show. Hacken said that the most expensive tickets in the world belonged to the greatest tenors in the world, they were all heavyweights. Alan joked that they charged HK$ 5,000 to 8,000 a ticket, so if he wanted to charge more, he would have to eat ten steaks a day.

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