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"God of Gamblers" Nick Cheung makes a chocolate mess

Chow Yun Fat gets into shape for only a few minutes on the screen
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The Lunar New Year comedy FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON II) earlier held a premiere in Chengdu. Chow Yun Fat, producer Andrew Lau Wai Keung and actors Michelle Hu Yan, Poyd attended. The event also played the film's end credit music video HERE COMES THE FORTUNE GOD.

The event presented a "mahjong cake" to Fat Gor. Fat Gor asked the audience, "Which hot pot casserole shop is the most delicious in Chengdu?" and "Where is the scenery the prettiest?" Then he took a mobile phone and took a photo with everyone. He even said that after arriving in Chengdu he will visit the market for Lunar New Year shopping; he joked that he had to buy a box of daikon for the New Year.

When asked if his "gambling abilities" was better in real life, Fat Gor denied that. "I don't know a lot about gambling. Normally I know how to play mahjong, but since I was little I thought mahjong was very complicated and very troublesome. Every time I played mahjong with friends I would lose more than I would win. In my life I am not the 'God of Gamblers'." He also urged the audience, "During the New Year fun comes first when playing mahjong, win not don't gamble."

Later, Fat Gor attended a forum for young people and discussed a variety of life topics with hundreds of attendees.

Fat Gor said that when he grew up on the Lamma Island, he did not even have electric light in his home. He said, "If I wasn't an actor, I would still be a farmer now. Because I was a farmer since I was little on the Lamma Island, I have a connection to farm villages." As for his condition when he first got into the TVB artist training class, Fat Gor joked that he was a little silly. After the course if I could not become an actor he would have moved on to another industry. He said, "So far I still think I am just a worker. My 'job' is to complete my performance. So each time after the director yelled 'cut', or after removing my make up and I am at home, that is the real Chow Yun Fat." Fat Gor also said, "Actors have to learn at any moment, and have to learn from life the acting experience."

In the film Fat Gor had a Thai kickboxing scene. He trained for four months and lost 30 pounds. He said, "I haven't been topless in front of the camera for a long time, so I have to tough it out and hire a coach. I ate more so I would get bigger. I had to train everyday, which I felt stressed about." Fat Gor even said that working with Nick Cheung Ka Fai was a lot of fun. "I am truly very happy from watching Ka Fai at work, his God of Gamblers chocolate scene is a gut buster!"

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