Tuesday, February 24, 2015


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DaDa Chan and Ella Chen
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Ella Chen Chia-Hwa, DaDa Chan Jing, Edward Chui Woei Dong, Wen Chao and Cliff Chan Yat Fung yesterday promoted the Lunar New Year second slot release LUCKY STAR 2015 (GUT SING GO JIU 2015). They played sushi eating games with the audience. DaDa got gold flakes all over her mouth.

Coming to Hong Kong for the Lunar New Year for the first time, Ella still felt like she was at work. She even got lai see for her first day at work in the New Year. Because her husband worked at a foreign company, he returned to work long ago and did not come with her to Hong Kong. However in the Lunar New Year, she and her husband went to his home in Malaysia to celebrate. Her father in law even took her and all the family to watch LUCKY to support her. After coming to Hong Kong she also got a text message that told her the film made over 2 million RM there in fourth place, which she was happy about. As for a Year of the Sheep baby, Ella said that she had jobs scheduled until the end of the year, she will not be able to prepare fully until next year. Was she trying for a certain zodiac sign? She said, "No, I calculated that if I don't have one soon I won't be able to have one!" She also revealed that her friend Christine Fan Wei Chi already gave her and Selina some "good luck tampons". She too wanted to have twins because her sister was very tired from having a son after having a daughter. If she was able to have two at once she would be much more relaxed.

DaDa gave lai see for the first time and planned to spend 5 figure. She hoped to be able to give more next year. This time she also tried to make turnip cake to give to elders and people who have helped her. Due to the decent response, she planned to learn to make New Year cake or vegetarian dishes next year. This Lunar New Year she had this film and 12 GOLDEN DUCKS (12 GUM NGAP), she said that they had different elements. In this film she and Wong Cho Lam had romantic elements, including intimacy in the handicapped bathroom and egg waffle on the tram.

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