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DaDa Chan and Pakho Chau both participate in their first Lunar New Year film
Sandra Ng is not in Hong Kong but wishes all goes well for Ming Pao readers in the New Year in a video
Pakho Chau and DaDa Chan attend a Ming Pao OL Net as the special screening audience appreciation guests
DaDa Chan poses with readers 
Lucky readers attend an advanced screening of 12 GOLDEN DUCKS
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Ming Pao Entertainment and Ming Pao OL Net invited readers to a special screening of 12 GOLDEN DUCKS (12 GUM NGAP), which took place earlier in Tsim Sha Tsui iSQUARE. Lucky readers attended an advanced screening as lead actress Sandra Ng Kwan Yu played the Golden Duck, led the stars to comedy and provided a pleasant evening that had the audience rolling on the floor laughing. Stars Pakho Chau and DaDa Chan Jing even attended an audience appreciation event before the screening and played games with viewers.

Although Ng Kwan Yu was overseas, she sent a video to thank the audience and Ming Pao for their support and wish all Ming Pao reader "Meh Doh Duck!" (all goes well) this year!

Pakho and DaDa a the event played games with readers and gave away Tea Bag gifts, but Pakho thought that he had to give away thongs and warmed everyone up before the show with laughter.

Pakho revealed that in the film he played a chef who taught a dessert making class. Because he got sweaty he took off his shirt and showed off his 42 inch chest. The horny female students then felt him up. He said that the shoot's visual effects were very interesting but he was embarrassed when he looked back at the performance. "The girls flock to me and made me very popular, which was very funny and entertaining to the director and the crew."  DaDa added, "I too wanted to take part in this scene, how regrettable!" She continued to say that at first she saw many actors at the poster shoot and thought that she had a chance to work with someone muscular. In the end she got an innocent character who had a bachelorette party before her wedding. Her friends invited several ducklings to celebrate, but she discovered that one of them was her former boyfriend Wilfred Lau Ho Lung.

DaDa said that in real life she has not run into a similar situation, but for her birthday party friends invited Taiwan exotic dancers to celebrate with her. She admitted that she could go very far, but ladies still kept their hands Ho themselves. Pakho was curious about how far sh would go. DaDa said, "he only wore a English flag to cover up his important area, his rear was showing. The friend who was the most mild mannered normally screamed very loudly and lost all composure. The scene was like Pakho's in the film."

DaDa praised how in shape Pakho was. "Pakho was very able to play the bashful feeling. His muscular curvature was very pretty. During the movie I heard many screams from the audience, but I held back. With the special effect make up muscles on Kwan Yu, her portrayal of a man was very memorable. The degree of difficulty of her challenge was very amazing." DaDa and Pakho this year both participated in their first Lunar New Year film. They hoped to be able to make a Lunar New Year film everyday and give joy to the audience.

Hilarious Spots
1. Louis Koo And Carman Lee's Reunion
Fitness trainer Louis Koo Tin Lok is very popular with his female clients, even "Goo Goo" Carman Lee Yeuk Tung hires him for his service and directly calls him "Yeung Gor". They get together to lift weights and train, bringing their classic series THE RETURN OF CONDOR HEROES' Goo Goo and Yeung Gor from the ancient times to now.

2. Eason Chan's Lisp
Chan Yik Shun plays a hairstylist with a lisp. Because he likes to wear tight fitting clothes, his package is on display. When he cuts hair his lower body would often unknowingly touch female clients and stimulate them secretly. Yet when Ng Kwan Yu goes to change his hairstyle he accuses him of sexual harassment and spoke up to reject him.

Making a living at the duck shop, Brother Pang (Lo Hoi Pang) introduces him to new ducklings Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik and Philip Keung Ho Man with his English name Eddie Pang. Brother Pang even brings up a photo of a winking Taiwan star Eddie Peng Yu-Yan and impersonates the same expression. He says that the photo was taken a few months back.

3. BROKEBACK Ting Fung Kwan Yu
Nicholas Tse Ting Fung runs into classmate Ng Kwan Yu at the school again. Ting Fung in the dark room grabs Kwan Yu's hand to develop photos and whispers to him while holding his shoulders. This BROKEBACK romance actually started when Kwan Yu kissed Ting Fung on the cheek in school. In the entire scene they were competing to be chok and cool.

4. Pakho Gets Felt Up
Chef Pakho Chau starts a dessert making class. He gets sweaty and takes off his shirt, displaying his 42 inch chest. The female students pretend to be clumsy and get egg all over his body, then felt up his chest and left scratch marks.

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