Tuesday, February 10, 2015


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Andy Lau Tak Wa's latest song HOMECOMING ROAD was not only this year's CCTV Spring Evening program promotional theme song but also his film LOST AND LONELY (SUT GOO)'s theme song as well. Aside from airing on CCTV's news channel, even its news sites made a precedence and played the song. The community service commercial with HOMECOMING ROAD as its background song will also air for a month at 50 Mainland airports and almost 500 train stations (high speed and ordinary) during the Spring. CCTV also launched with "I promise to go home this year" song listening event with mobile phone software. In less than a day over 5 million have applied "I Promise". The discussions on Weibo was rather passionate.

HOMECOMING ROAD was Wa Jai's original creation. Over the years he has always had the dream of singing a song to represent the homecoming sentiment of all Chinese people around the world to warm the hearts of those who have left their house and home. In addition the subject of the film LOST AND LONELY touched him. Last year during the shoot he visited many cities and was moved to write this song. The lyrics were about the wandered who have left house and home for work and even for school. Today the complete music video was released with Wa Jai's touching performance from LOST AND LONELY. Wa Jai rode a motorcycle to look for his son, suppressing his emotions between hope and hopelessness. His delicate performance connected the entire video. The motorcycle in the film took Wa Jai to countless cities. Wa Jai said, "The director wanted me to not lean into the vehicle too much during the performance, if I was too close it would bear too much resemblance to FULL THROTTLE (LIT FOR JIN CHEH). I couldn't be too straight or too alert either. I always forgot and had to be corrected. After a scene my back would be all stiff."

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