Tuesday, February 10, 2015


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Lau Kwong Nam, Don Li (center), director Lau Chun Fai (second right), EO2's Eddie (right)
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Chief Executive Chun Ying Leung's daughter Leung Chai Yan will star in the Lau Chun Fai directed film NAM GIK TAM SEH DUNG (MALE EXTREME SEARCH LIGHT) with Don Li Yat Long, whose popularity rose with his "crying singing". Last night a press conference was held. The film company said that Leung Chai Yan has already signed a contract and would appear, but in the end she was absent due to illness. The media thus grew upset and impatient. The film company issued a last minute notice yesterday afternoon, saying that Leung Chai Yan and the film's co-stars including Li Yat Long, EO2's Eddie and Lau Nam Kwong would attend the press conference at 6:30PM, but by 7PM Chai Yan still has not shown up. Director Lau Chun Fai insisted that Chai Yan will show.

Director Lau said that Chai Yan has already signed a contract and he was confident about Chai Yan's attendance. Did she receive a hefty offer? He said, "That's hard to say, it wouldn't be hefty to the rich. some would feel it is, it's six figures." He also revealed that Chai Yan in the film will play a social worker and a couple with Don. He praised Chai Yan for having a knack for acting and liked to perform as well. In the film she will have romantic scenes, but for bed scenes she only had chocolate in bed. Some said that she would have to wear a bikini, he said that it would depend on whether the story would require her to swim. The film will start production on March 8 with a budget of HK$ 10 million. The entire film will be shot in Hong Kong. Did Chai Yan consult her father before taking the role? He said that she was already 20 something and could make her own decision, but she should communicate with her parents. They hav talked about this collaboration for months. Did he feel Chai Yan was rebellious? He said that every smart girl was rebellious. He also said that earlier he rehearsed with her. "If she isn't okay I wouldn't want her."

Yet when the press conference began, Chai Yan still has not appeared. When the press conference ended, Lau Chun Fai said that Chai Yan was not feeling well. Originally she was already on the way, she had to turn around as she could not even walk. He said that Chai Yan lately has not been feeling too well and did not have much sleep. Was he still able to contact her? He said if he did not how would he get her to make a movie. He stated again that Chai Yan has already signed a contract. How much would she have to pay if she broke the contract? He said that this was a business secret. Earlier he often had dinner and coffee with her. He said that Chai Yan would not turn down the role and he was very relaxed. However he said that Chai Yan's health has been poor. He saw her two weeks ago to talk about the film, at the time she often grabbed her stomach because she could not sleep and was dizzy. Li Yat Long said that he looked forward to playing the lead for the first time. He was very nervous about working with Chai Yan too. Don admitted that they played a couple and would have a chance to get her first on screen kiss. Chai Yan was accused of being a show off. He said that showing off to get into show business was right.

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