Monday, February 23, 2015


God class Best Actor Chow Yun Fat predicts the Hong Kong Film Awards
Fat Gor says all the outstanding Best Actress nominees make the pick hard
Fat Gor (right) spent the holiday on the Lamma Island

God class Best Actor Chow Yun Fat earlier talked about the current film industry while promoting his film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2(DOH SING FUNG WON II). Speaking of this year's Hong Kong Film Award, the "Tips God" Fat Gor picked his favorites!

For Best Actor, Fat Gor picked the fellow TVB veteran who shone in the film industry Sean Lau Ching Wan. He had nothing but praise for him. "Best Actor will be Ching Wan! I like him! (Do you feel that his single Best Actor win was too few?) He is overqualified! He should win again!" For Best Actress, Fat Gor felt that Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Vicki Zhao Wei, Tang Wei, Zhou Xun and Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin were all outstanding. Thus choosing would be difficult. He once mentioned the rising Ah Sa, but finally still instinctively felt that Zhao Wei should win. "The girls are very hard to pick! I hard that Ah Sa's performance was pretty good, really let go! However I am guessing Zhao Wei, I feel she will win!"

As for Ivana Wong Yuen Chi's record five nominations, Fat Gor felt that she had potential. "I hope that she will win all the Supporting Actress, New Performance, and Song Awards! I have seen her television series performance, she isn't like that normally. However she is able to play characters that are very different from her. She is pretty cute!"

Fat Gor in FROM 2 worked with Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Best Actress Carina Lau Ka Ling. Fat Gor was quite spirited when he talked about these two co-stars. First he praised Ka Fai's acting for being near perfection. "He worked his way from television to film, he has already become a god! Seven time Best Actor Cheung! He has a lot of potential, he can play whatever he wants, good, evil, funny, anything!" In the film Ka Fai put gel in his hair to play God of Gamblers Ko Chun and kept smacking "Dagger" Fat Gor's head. Rarely playing a subordinate Fat Gor said it was a lot of fun. "He played my mentor! I came up with the head smack. No one dares to do it, playing me in front of me! Only this is fun!"

Working with Ka Ling again 20 some years later, Fat Gor praised her every move as full of charm. "When we worked together on television in the 80s, she was still a young, now she is a goddess. Every move is easy on the eyes. (Is she more attractive than 20 some years ago?) Of course! Now is her most charming time, she can't be prettier!"

Fat Gor spent the New Spring this year hiking, and fans on many occasions "captured" him in the hills for photos! Recalling his childhood Lunar New Year on the Lamma Island, Fat Gor said that he would light firecrackers and help his family make a lot of cakes for the neighborhood. "The cakes were steamed in a big wok, we also had Gok Jai, Red Bean Cake, Turnip Cake, several catty worth. At the time we didn't have much to eat, so the food could last us until May 5th! Life was poor back then, we weren't feasting like now. We were only willing to slaughter a pig for the Lunar New Year. Normally we rarely had chicken. Usually it was just white rice and vegetables. So during the Lunar New Year we really had fun eating!"

Speaking of the traditions and customs then, Fat Gor said that he had to worship gods, heaven and earth and could only say something lucky. When he was little was Fat Gor silver tongued to get more lai see? He said, "No! Lai see was only 5 to 10 cents, only enough to get candy. You couldn't get much with it. In addition Ah Ma put them away, you wouldn't get your hands on lai see!"

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