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Francis Ng says that he fell for Sammi on and off screen, Sammi says that she fell for his hair
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Amber Kuo and Julian Cheung
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After years in the business, Francis Ng Chun Yu and Sammi Cheng Sau Man finally worked together for the first time in the film TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU). They looked forward to working together again. Sammi even revealed that Sam Gor spent just as much time on his hair as her. Chun Yu admitted that the pilot hairstyle had to remain in place under any wind or rain.

Chun Yu in TRIUMPH continued to play the cool pilot Sam Gor, who fell in love with superstar Sammi. However in comparison to Louis Koo Tin Lok and Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Julian Cheung Chi Lam and Amber Kuo, their romance as not only shorter but also lighter on the drama. While the others were water and kisses, they only shared a bed. Sammi said, "Sharing a bed is already enough, actually if it is needed I wouldn't mind. However maybe this scene is suitable for this emotion. Wherever the emotion goes there it is, the director is in charge. (Did your husband Andy Hui Chi On prohibit you from making intimate scenes?) Hahaha, why would he? I am very free." Chun Yu joked, "Because we are already planning for the sequel, we have to save up ammunition and take our time with it. We can't just use everything all at once, we don't have to stir up the waves so soon." This time Sam Gor and a rock and roll superstar fell in love, which Chun Yu said was rather interesting and cute. The two probably had nothing in common. He even said that this time was only an appetizer for them, as he hoped that they will have a main course in the future. He said, "Everyone have the appetizer first, if it's good then we keep going. (How was it?) We are the people who cooked it!"

Sammi and Chun Yu have been in the business for years but only worked together officially for the first time this time. Sammi said, "Whatever will be will be, as soon as the time comes Heaven would arrange for the opportunity. I still remember once I saw Chun Yu in the Wooden People Alley (old TVB Kowloon Tong address). At the time I just competed in New Talent, but he was already the lead. The feeling at the time was so close yet so far. (Was he very cool?) When he walked over he had no reason to grin, he lightly passed by very normally. That moment was very memorable for me, I can still remember the scene now. (What was your impression after working together this time?) I felt life was very wonderful, everyone worked together very well. It was all very pleasant and smooth." She also said that for a romantic film feeling was very important, too many rehearsals would make it very horrifying because that moment needed real emotional exchanges. Chun Yu added, "You have to have feelings for the other person. (Did you have a lot of feeling this time?) Yes. (Did you fall for her?) Of course I fell for her, everyone had very little BS and were direct."

Sammi this time played TM, which she said was playing herself. She said, "We were both singers, but the character in the film was even more unique. For example even her vacation had to be secret. As a singer and an actor, this was only my job. Outside my job I would shop for grocery at the supermarket and cook. Thus TM was even more superstar than a superstar, and her personality was hard to grasp. In real life I would be more optimistic." Chun Yu played Sam Gor again. He said, "Of course, otherwise people would pay money. It's like Chow Yun Fat not getting paid if he doesn't have a gun. (You only have one out of the film's three stories, did you have less pressure?) The pressure was still great because I was afraid that I did poorly. I was also afraid that others did poorly. This time we shot separately, we had no way to support each other. In the story Cheung Chi Lam went to become a private pilot, so we never ran into each other. The most important was everyone did great, everyone put in an effort together."

Speaking of Sam Gor, everyone found his pilot hair the most memorable. Sammi revealed that Chun Yu took a long time with his hair, almost as much as she did. Chun Yu said, "If (the hair) had to be higher when I was in uniform, I didn't know how to do it. I needed TVB to send someone to do it." He said that without Sam Gor's hair he was nothing. People who did his hair back then have already jumped to another television station. TVB had to send someone else to try it. Every time it took over half a hour, which he felt was a very wonderful experience. Sammi said that she was already considered picky, but she was still no match for Chun Yu. She understood that this hairstyle was very important to Sam Gor, it was his soul. If it "collapsed" then it would be a big problem. Chun Yu also joked, "This hair doesn't collapse even in the rain, Even when the wind messed up Fala Chen's hair, Sam Gor's hair still stood firm. (Was it really that amazing?) Yes, because he had to calculate turbulence, the hairstylist felt a lot of pressure.

Sammi and Chun Yu were both very busy and constantly flew around for work. Did they have any memory from flying? Sammi said that mostly flight attendants asked her for photos. If they did not make her without make up and looking ugly, she would pose with them. However when she first started, she would put on make up before getting on the plane. After a long while she finally appeared without it. She also revealed that she really liked long distance flights. She said, "On the plane I would watch movies, eat, I would feel the bed was so comfortable that it was like staying at a hotel. If I haven't flown in awhile I would get itchy all over." She revealed lately a flight attendant asked her for photos, but before they even took the photo she was so happy that she was in tears. Sammi said, "I was happy too. I am an ordinary person but a photo would make her cry like this. My existence is very meaningful." Chun Yu was also a target for flight attendants and pilots, but because he had to wait for pilots, he went from the first one to leave in first class to the last one. He also knew that many people applied for aviation jobs after watching TRIUMPH, but he felt that the flight attendants of the past were different from the ones today. He said, "The flight attendance of the past in terms of appearance and manner were polite and at as, they were more elegant. If someone said that his girlfriend was a flight attendant, others would feel that she had to be pretty."

In addition, earlier Sammi and Hui Chi On flew to Phuket. On Jai was said to have "returned to form" in his swimming truck. Sammi joked, "They are just shorts, they are very normal. (It was his second time getting caught?) He had shorts on, if he didn't then it would be scary. (Would you go overseas for the New Year?) Even I would I wouldn't say it, from now on wherever I go I won't put it online, Even the curtains would reveal which hotel it was, people online are amazing. (Do you feel lucky that you were not caught?) Haha, yes! Next time we have to be mor careful. Danger! Danger!"

TRIUMPH's Cheung Chi Lam promoted in Beijing, Singapore and Malaysia. The Valentine's Day advanced screenings in Hong Kong already made HK$ 1.86 million. Reportedly the Mainland advanced sales has reached 60 million yuan RMB. Cheung Chi Lam wished for a full bloom for all the Lunar New Year films. After all the promotions, Cheung Chi Lam has begun to celebrate the New Year earlier with his wife Anita Yuen Wing Yi and son "Demon Child".

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