Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Sandra Ng, Lu Han and Wyman Wong
Kris plays a cellist in his new film SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW
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Former Korean group EXO members Lu Han and Kris' management company SM agency sued them in Hong Kong, citing that they participated in business activities before their contract disputes were resolved and affecting SM and the group EXO's benefits. Yesterday it issued a special statement, saying that it will sue Lu Han and the film company that invited Lu Han. SM agency again stated, "From now on we will continue to take all legal measures in Mainland China, Hong Kong China and other nations and regions over all Lu Han and Kris' contract violations and assistance or any company or individuals who violated the contract or violated the company's rights to protect SM's legitimate interests."

Lu Han lately worked on Sandra Ng Kwan Yu's 12 GOLDEN DUCKS (12 GUM NGAP). SM has officially sued Hong Kong film and film companies that invited Lu Han to work. Kwan Yu lightly responded to the lawsuit, "So far I still have not received any legal documents, all work on the film has been OK. However I won't know what will happen tomorrow today, On the 13th I will start the advanced screenings, then the sooner you watch the sooner you enjoy it. Just in case anything happens, fans would be the ones who miss out!"

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