Tuesday, February 24, 2015


courtesy of mingpao.com
Alan Tam has a little fun at the expense of Nicholas Tse
Deborah Li and Patrick Tse attend the show
Nicholas Tse goes for fan handshakes in the audience
courtesy of on.cc

Two nights ago Alan Tam's Hong Kong Coliseum has already reached its tenth show, and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung was his guest. Ting Fung this time returned from Beijing, as soon as he got off the plane he came to the HK Coliseum for rehearsal. Two nights ago Ting Fung's parents Patrick Tse Yin and Deborah Li, manager Mani Fok Man Hei all attended.

Alan introduced Ting Fung. "Welcome tonight's handsome guest, cool for several generations from his 'Daddy' to him to his sons. They all will definitely be just as cool in the future!" The ailing Ting Fung wished Alan and the audience Happy New Year and they performed FAREWELL IS ALSO TEARS and the audience responded very enthusiastically. Alan said, "I chose the songs that many guests sang, but tonight Ting Fung chose both songs himself. What song did you choose?" Ting Fung said that it was DESERTER OF LOVE. Alan immediately praised, "Wow! This song is great!" Ting Fung still did not know that Alan was trying to make fun of him and answered, "Yes! Everyone knows how to sing it." Alan asked, "Did you have any special reason when you chose this song?" Ting Fung could only smile.

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