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Artist Chapman To Man Chak produced SARA (CHOR GEI) for Emperor Motion Pictures. Herman Yau Lai To directed, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin and Simon Yam Tat Wa starred. Ah Jat admitted that he asked for Ah Sa. He said, "Since she started, she gave people an impression of a little girl. Actually with her age and her years in this business, her maturity should be enough to handle this film. Her life journey was already adult. In addition I felt that her acting has always been underestimated, I want people to know Ah Sa." When asked why Ah Jat did not participate, he said that in recent years he has made more comedy films. He was worried that the audience would mistake this film for a comedy.

Ah Jat said that if this film did not have Yam Tat Wa as the lead actor it would not have been made. He said, "Because he looks just right. I am more traditional and concern with the appearance of actors. He is cool, can act and has a presence. Because Ah Sa has never had such a darling performance, if the co-star had experience h would be able to give her a great sense of security. Many female artists would worry about being taken advantage of during love scenes, but Yam Tat Wa wouldn't. He has worked on more bed scenes than you have made movies."

Although the film had many foul language dialogue and love scenes, Ah Jat said that he did not have to convince Ah Sa. He said, "After reading the script she should be able to guess how she would perform, she has never had the chance to run into this type of script. I feel that this time the character is very right for her. She has been overdue for a role, as soon as she got this chance she definitely would let everything go. Now what everyone sees on the screen is what we ask for."

Ah Jat also admitted that convincing manager Mani Fok Man Hei was the most difficult part. He said, "The manager ultimately is very protective of her artists and would have many concerns. It was harder to get past her than convincing Ah Sa. However Fok Man Hei understood, I knew she didn't really trust me. She trusted the director. This time I really thank her for letting go." As for Ah Sa's foul language scene, he said that at the time he listened next door and it sounded the neighbors were arguing. It was very realistic.

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