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Alan Tam invites Eason Chan to be his guest at the first show
Alan Tam sticks out his belly and dances
Alan Tam says that the crown shaped glow stick is for the audience to keep
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Alan Tam promises to sing until he is 80
All sweaty from singing, Eason jokes that it is like he has a squid on his head

Self proclaimed "Pick Up King" Alan Tam and "BS God" Eason Chan drops jokes galore
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The music industry headmaster Alan Tam Wing Lun's 13 show "Alan Tam 40th Anniversary concert 2015" two nights ago opened at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Alan said in advanced that he would not lose weight. He appeared in many suits but while dancing his "belly" stuck out. He said that his guest Eason Chan Yik Shun was the same caliber as him, one was the BS god and the other pick up king.

To celebrate his 40th anniversary in the business, Alan two nights ago began his concert series at the HK Coliseum. His first show had the support of Deborah Li and her husband Mustache Kong, Eason's father Chan Kau Tai and others. Viewers all received crown shaped glow sticks, lai see envelopes and restaurant coupons. Aside from singing he also gave away gifts during the New Spring and shared the joy. Alan described the changes of his 40 years in the business with the four seasons, and sang many classic hits; every night he would invite a different guest. When Alan introduced Eason he joked, "This guest is the same caliber as me, my caliber is on top and his is on the bottom." Then Eason appeared and held hands with Alan as they sang FRIENDS. Alan did not forget to poke fun at his guest's shape. Alan said, "It's my 40th anniversary in the business, but that doesn't matter, he is already halfway there. Your calf muscles are rather powerful, you will definitely be able to go far, even further than me at any minute. Actually we have some similarities. Eason is known for being a BS king, his weibo name is 'BS God', I am the Pick Up King." Later they performed a medley of LOVE TRAP and HARECORE to bring the evening to its climax.

Alan admitted that his 40 years in the business was absolutely due to the gene of positive energy from his father. He thanked his father and lectured the younger generation like a principal. "Sometimes seeing yourself too big or too tall, you would give people the impression that you are distant. You can't be like that in life. I can withstand pressure because of the Old Man's genes. I always feel everything will work out in the end, no problem lasts forever. He was a happy magpie, only gave good news but not bad news. He said that men's shoulders had to be wide, to be able to carry the load of everything and not to be trouble to the family. Those words became how I treated all my friends, I shouldn't mind too much." He admitted that Papa once said that he should not see music as his lifelong career. He thought that he could leave after age 30. He never imagined that now he was no longer "double 25 (age 50)". He said, "Thank you fans, I am very happy to you. I will sing with you until after 80. Thank you for your 40 years of support."

Alan revealed that back stage a lot of mishaps took place, luckily the performance was not affected; due to the three sided stage design, he was unable to get close to the audience. He was not only unable to shake hands but also lost the opportunity for lai see. He joked, "I am the most concerned about viewers with lai see in their pockets already. I don't know what to do, perhaps during the guest appearance I will add a hand shake segment. It will depend on the situation." Giving the audience crown shaped glow sticks, Alan said that he would not "take back what was already given out". They might as well be souvenirs for everyone. As for his son Tam Hiu Fung, Alan said that he was not in Hong Kong as school came first.

Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) was released from prison. Alan said that he would get up early to watch the live broadcast. He praised Cho Ming as very well behaved and a nice kid. He believed that he only met some bad friends. He said, "He has learned a lesson, the most important is to learn to think. After 21 he has to be able to rely on himself, he is already at the end of the 20s. (Cho Ming has said to live in Taiwan for the long run?) I haven't heard about that. I don't know. I hope for Ah Giu (Joan Lin) to relax the most. I heard that she refused to go out and locked herself at home. You can imagine how great the pressure is on the parents. (Are you lucky that Hiu Fung is well behaved?) Yes, touch wood!"

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