Tuesday, February 17, 2015


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Herman Yau Lai To's new film SARA (CHOR GEI) released its latest trailer. In it Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin's step father Tony Ho Wa Chiu raped her. Playing her mother Paulyn Sun Kai Kwan only stood outside the door and could not stop sobbing. This scene happened in the opening of the film, viewers would miss it if they were late.

In one scene Simon Yam Tat Wa and Ah Sa were messing around in bed. The director kept Ah Sa's feeling in mind and attentively cleared the set for her, because the love scene that followed already reached Ah Sa's limits. She said that luckily her co-star in this film was Brother Wa, who made her get into the character easier.

Ah Sa this time had a breakthrough performance, during which she kept bursting into foul language. Brother Wa felt that Ah Sa's performance was great, even better than he expected. He could not imagine Ah Sa's performance could be so in character and natural. Ah Sa said that actually she has never burst into foul language like that, in real life she absolutely would not use anything like her dialogue. In the film because her character was upset, the story required her to use foul language to be able to express her emotion. She did not mind the foul language, but she never thought that the reaction to her foul language use would be so enormous. Ah Sa felt that the story required it, she did not have much to overcome. Because she had no chance to burst into foul language in real life with anyone, this time she got a taste of being a tough girl and instead felt a little fresh.

In the film Ah Sa also appeared in a school uniform. She knew that she was already too old to wear school uniform again, but the director was very pleased with the result and felt that she was still young and cute in the school uniform. Many industry insiders after watching was surprised that Ah Sa could still be convincing in a school uniform.

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