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Adrien Brody and Jackie Chan promote their new film in Malaysia
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Seven years in the planning, the Jackie Chan starred, Daniel Lee Yan Kong directed DRAGON BLADE will be released this year. The film gathered may international stars, including the U.S.' John Cusack and Oscar Best Actor Adrien Brody, Korean super idol Choi So-Won and others. Karena Lam Ka Yan who rarely appeared in films in recent years, Vanness Wu (Ng Kin Ho) and THE GOLDEN ERA's Xiao Jun, Feng Shaofeng, would also guest star in the film.

The film shot on location from Essex to Dunhuang to bring back the scenes of Western Han and Ancient Rome. It was a big production with elements like adventure and action. Big Brother Jackie described this film as "a story about going home". During the Western Han era, the Big Brother Jackie Chan played Western territory capital guard Huo An and the Choi Si-Won played guard Yin Po along with a group of brothers did their best to protect the peace of the 36 nations of the Western Territory, but villain set them up and he was ordered to the Yanmen Pass to repair the city within limited time.

At this time, John Cusack played an ancient Roman Emperor general who was escorting a little prince's escape to the East and ran into Huo An and the others. They first fought but became good friends. The general even used Rome's advanced technology to assist Huo An. Yet the Adrien Brody played prince for the throne sent 100,000 soldiers after the little prince. Huo An in order to repay the general led the elite squads from the Western Territory small nations to fight the Roman army.

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