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DaDa Chan would ask family and friends to watch her film
DaDa Chan and Wen Chao are not afraid of their film being pale by comparison
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Wen Chao and DaDa Chan Jing yesterday promoted their new film LUCKY STAR 2015 (GUT SING GUNG JIU) on Radio Hong Kong. The film will open on the Lunar 3rd. This film was a Lunar New Year film but its release was delayed. Was it afraid of the difference with other Lunar New Year films? They said that this year has many Lunar New Year films, but they believed that no one would just watch one. This film also had Valentine's Day elements and a little of Stephen Chow Sing Chi's film ideas. Did Chan Jing have to dress up? She joked that she had no idea about what she did in the film either, the audience would have to judge for themselves. Wong Cho Lam was also a part of the film. Speaking of Cho Lam's wedding, they congratulated Cho Lam and were happy for him. At this time, Wen Chao also asked Chan Jing when she will wed? Chan Jing said that career came first now. The mischievous Wen Chao took a glance at Chan Jing's chest and joked that he could see that.

Known for his impersonations of Chow Sing Chi, Wen Chao also said that he had "nothing to be afraid of". He revealed that the film used Chow Sing Chi as a subject. "This time we have many of Sing Yeh's veterans like (Tats) Lau Yi Tat and Wong Yat San, we also have added 'A version (counterfeit) elements' like Fat Gor (Chow Yun Fat)'s double. We hope to be able to support more A version actors."

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