Wednesday, February 11, 2015


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Dominic Ho and Jeana Ho offer their sympathy to their absent co-star Candy Yuen
Everyone cut the Duck King shaped cake to celebrate THE GIGOLO's success
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The Dominic Ho Ho Man, Candy Yuen Ka Man and Jeana Ho Pui Yu starred THE GIGOLO (NGAP WONG) has made over HK$ 6 million. Last night a celebration was held. Earlier rumored to be at odds with other actors, Yuen Ka Man did not attend. Director and producer Au Cheuk Man pointed out that Yuen Ka Man gave a 100% professional performance, only after the shoot he learned that she was upset. He said, "At the premiere I saw how unhappy she was and asked her to go for a drink for release. She cried, saying that the performance made her unhappy. She said that she was very worried about the box office."

Ho Pui Yu said that she sympathized with Yuen Ka Man. She said, "When a girl appears topless on the big screen, she definitely would have pressure and her emotions inevitably would be affected. I am not close to her and rarely chat with her, but I would sympathize with and understand her." Ho Ho Man said that if the box office reached 8 million he would prepare a "human platter" with Ho Pui Yu. Ho Pui Yu joked, "You are crazy, I wish. (for HK$ 10 million?) Are you giving it to me? I will be responsible to eat the sushi off you."

As for Yuen Ka Man was upset that other actors boycotted her and led to her emotional problems now, he said, "If she has emotional problems, she can ask me. I can introduce a doctor to her. Artists sometimes would have a lot of disturbance."

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