Tuesday, February 10, 2015


In the music video, Nick Cheung, Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau play it cool
Chow Yun Fat and Angela Wang
Chow Yun Fat wishes everyone a Happy New Year
Angela Wang and the Grasshoppers performs HERE COMES THE FORTUNE GOD
courtesy of mingpao.com

The Chow Yun Fat, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Carina Lau Ka Ling, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Angela Wang Shiling starred Lunar New Year film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON 2) will be officially released on February 19, the Lunar New Year's Day. Recently the film released its end credit song HERE COMES THE FORTUNE GOD (CHOI SUN DOH) music video with Wang Shiling and the group the Grasshoppers for the audience to experience the joyful atmosphere of a "five generation family reunion".

HERE COME THE FORTUNE GOD was a Sam Hui Koon Kit classic, but this time was not simply a remake. It was a "full scale escalation". Not only Mandarin and Cantonese performances created "dual dialect" spark, a lot of rap was added. With Angela and the Grasshoppers "cross generation" chemistry, this was the strong "lucky song" of this Spring Festival. The music video also had many FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 comedy videos. Angela not only danced with the rhythm and sang with the beat, but also made a variety of "cute" poses. From the beginning to the end she had quite a presence.

Even more surprising was Fat Gor's appearance. In his 40 year film career Fat Gor has never personally made a music video. This time Fat Gor in the music video gave the New Spring greeting of "Lunar New Year's Day, Riches Are on the Way" to the audience, breaking his almost half a century "record". In the end Cheung Ka Fai, Wong Jing, Andrew Lau Wai Keung and Yu Dong along with Fat Gor presented gold and red koi to celebrate the New Year.

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