Monday, February 16, 2015


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Andy Lau was Alan Tam's concert guest two nights ago
Michael Miu and wife Jaime Chik pose with Andy Lau back stage
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Alan Tam Wing Lung two nights ago performed the third show of his Hong Kong Coliseum concert series and invited Andy Lau Tak Wa to be his guest. They have known each other for several decades. When Alan introduced Wa Jai he also brought up the past. Back then they both belonged to the same company. At the time Wa Jai performed very well with his films and had endless offers, but he wanted a singing career. The two bosses then sent Alan to convince him otherwise, instead he was the one who was convinced. Finally because Wa Jai's hard work, Alan also became very supportive of him.

Wa Jai joked that Alan hogged all the concert dates so he had no chance to perform, because aside from himself, Alan also performed with the Wynners, Teresa Carpio (To Lai Sa), Left Lun Right Lee and other shows. He joked that when he went to work in Malaysia and Singapore, he also saw Alan performing. Alan said that because it was a lot of fun. In addition if he did not sing, he would only become a 300 pound fatty!

Wa Jai asked Alan, "Your lower half is much thinner!" Alan joked, "Because I haven't been using it much!" Then they cracked up. Wa Jai then joked, "You see how thin I am, so I only become an old man now." They were so close that they almost broke into foul language on the stage. After messing around for a long time they performed LOVE IN DEEP AUTUMN together, but they still kept messing around from the stage to the audience because "Sam Gor" Michael Miu Kiu Wai and his wife came to the show. They actually asked Sam Gor and Sam Soh to dance, then Wa Jai performed WHO CAN CHANGE.

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