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The 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival will take place between March 23 and April 6. Filmmakers from around the world will gather at the event to showcase their latest work. The event yesterday held a press conference and invited this year's film festival opening film MURMUR OF THE HEART (LIM LIM)'s director Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga), this year's closing film PORT OF CALL (DAP HUET CHUM MUI)'s new director Philip Yung Chi Kwong and Fresh Wave representative director Johnnie To Kei Fung to attend.

Cheung Ngai Ga came to Hong Kong to promote her new film MURMUR OF THE HEART. She said that lead actress Isabella Leong Lok Si was busy with her children in Canada and will be unable to attend the promotions. She also said that Leong Lok Si had to take care of the children, which was also very difficult. Will she work with Leong Lok Si again? She said that Leong will be busy with her children so for now they may not have the chance.

Speaking of Leong Lok Si's acting, Cheung Ngai Ga said, "In the past she hasn't been in many movies, everyone only remember her as Leong Lok Si. Over the years she has gradually matured. She hoped to become a real film actor." She also pointed out that Leong Lok Si this time played a Taiwan girl. Due to the cultural and background difference and the Putonghua dialogue, Leong Lok Si had to put in an extra effort. Her Putonghua dialogue needed help from the director. Leong Lok Si and Joseph Chang Hau Chuen in the film had intimate scenes. Cheung Ngai Ga said, "If they should have them they did, they weren't deliberately done. She was very professional too, everyone trusted each other."

To Kei Fung said that earlier he began work on THREE ON THE ROAD (SAM YUN HUNG) with Vicki Zhao Wei, Wallace Chung Han Leung and Louis Koo Tin Lok. Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun Wa in the budget report said that the government will invest HK$ 200 million to help the Hong Kong film industry. To Kei Fung said, "We will hold on to 200 million first, getting something is better than nothing." To Sir said that this year he would only make a movie at most. He even urged Louis Koo Tin Lok and Chow Yun Fat to prop up the Hong Kong film market.

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