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Charlene Choi is a favorite among the Hong Kong actresses.  SARA is a challenge for her.
Ah Sa has been in the business for 15 years, turning from a girl to a woman
Ah Sa and Simon Yam's relationship in the film is complicated
Playing a school girl does not pose any challenge for Ah Sa
Ah Sa did not hesitate during the shoot
Ah Sa gives a very solid performance
Gillian Chung turns into a mermaid
Ah Gil has no fear for Ah Sa's close up photography
Charlene Choi
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Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi's Maldives vacation has come to an end but they are still savoring the sunny and happy trip!
Ah Sa takes this photo for Ah Gil and says, "I really like this quiet soon as I see it I can't help but press the shutter."
Everyone says Ah Gil looks beautiful in the water
Ah Sa and Ah Gil snorkle
Twins reunite at sea!
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Charlene Choi chooses the Maldives for her vacation
Gillian Chung enjoys the sunshine in the Maldives
Simon Yam and Charlene Choi have an ambiguous relationship in SARA
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Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress with SARA (CHOR GEI) and challenged Best Actresses Vicki Zhao Wei, Tang Wei, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Zhou Xun. Her performance became her acting breakthrough; Ah Sa dropped her idol burden and in the film smoked and cursed, had very daring bed scenes with her step father (Tony Ho Wa Chiu) and Kam Ho Yin (Simon Yam Tat Wa) who put her through school. Ah Sa before the film release went to the Maldives with Gillian Chung Yun Tung to relax and even shared the rare swimsuit selfies.

Choi Cheuk Yin choose the sunshine and the beach of the Maldives to enjoy a quiet vacation with Ah Gil. After Ah Gil's god father Jeff Lau Chun Wai posted his god daughter's swimming photos and was envious of her vacation, Ah Sa's assistant also posted Ah Sa's swimsuit selfies and said that "Leader Choi's" new toy "selfie stick" took them and everything was shared with everyone. Ah Sa's selfies were very pretty, she almost has returned to her early Twins' days.


As for Ah Sa's line in the SARA trailer, "I let you X me!", people are looking for her performance that broke through her idol baggage. In the film, two men, her step father and Kam Ho Yin who put her through 8 years of school, changed Sara's life. The step father rape scene was realistic and was very hard to take. Sara thus left home and ran into her "Daddy Long Legs" Kam Ho Yin, who again brought hope to Sara's life. They went from an abnormal buying and selling relationship at the beginning to an indecent romance that was difficult to end.

Two scenes contrasted each other. The first time Kam Ho Yin took Sara to a restaurant was very sweet. Years later after they broke up, with terminal liver cancer Kam Ho Yin saw Sara for the last time at the same sport, the sweetness turned into headache and created a strong contrast. Worthy of praise was Ah Sa's acting that has improved greatly. After rises and falls in real life like the secret marriage and divorce, her growth seemed to have sped up. Ah Sa's emotional scenes in the film were grasped accurately, she cried when she had to. The scene in which Kam Ho Yin argued with Sara for release even became the climax; in another scene Ah Sa tearfully yelled at Brother Wa, then let go a series of foul language, took off her underwear, tossed it at Brother Wa, lifted up her dress, spread her legs and screamed, "Do you want to X? XXX! Hurry up!" The result was shocking, completely different that the old Ah Sa.

In the film Ah Sa and Brother Wa had three love scenes that were very daring. In the "car battle" Ah Sa took the initiative and felt up Brother Wa, then put his hand on her chest. In another scene they were making out on a sofa. In white underwear Ah Sa let Brother Wa kissed her chest, finally even took off her underwear and bared her back on the screen. In the third scene they were in bed, Brother Wa removed Ah Sa's underwear. Although the camera stopped where it should, Ah Sa was convincing with her expressions. Ah Sa's wild performance had a lot to do with Brother Wa. His excellent acting drew in a lot of viewers and conceivably put Ah Sa in character more easily. Instead Ah Sa and her on screen boyfriend Ryan Lui Chun Kong's scenes were rather ordinary.

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