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Chan Wai Man, Don Li
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Don Li and the film company boss Wong Chin Yik both praise Leung Chai Yan's look
Ng Man Tat
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Film stars Michael Chan Wai Man, Ng Man Tat and Don Li Yat Long yesterday attended the Good Take Movie Culture Ltd. opening ceremony. Absent from his new film NAM GIK TAM SEH DUNG (tentative title)'s press conference two days ago, Chan Wai Man said that he just recently found out in the film he would play the father of the Chief Executive's daughter Leung Chai Yan. He revealed that film involved the mob subject. "We will have to see if her family is willing to let her work on the film." He would not feel any pressure because of who she was. The film's lead actor Li Yat Long said that he was not afraid that Chai Yan would resign. "She is only working on a film, it's not like she is doing anything bad! Of course I don't know much about other people's family problems." He also said that he dressed up to meet her two nights ago, but he was disappointed that she did not show.

Bothered by heart disease, Ng Man Tat revealed that after some advice from a Taiwan master his heart has already recovered 60 to 70%. "I was taught to soak in hot water up to my belly, not over the chest. The water temperature had to be around 38 or 39 degrees (Celsius)." He planned to resume work after the Lunar New Year, but no hard labor for him. He believed that making movies would not be a problem.

As for his Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor nomination, Ng Man Tat said, "I am full of confidence every time. The nomination is already a great encouragement, it's very rare to get everyone's recognition. I will attend the award show, I haven't been in years. If I don't go again people would think I am retired!" Because he has not seen his competition's films, he could not say who would be a strong rival. He picked Sean Lau Ching Wan for Best Actor.

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