Saturday, February 14, 2015


Jaycce Chan hopes to spend more time with his family after his release
Jackie Chan has begun strict discipline since Cho Ming was little
Jackie Chan has decided to a full financial lock down after Jaycee Chan's release, hoping that he will live off what he makes on his own.
Joan Lin wanted to attend the press conference with her son, but Jackie Chan turned her down
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Jackie Chan may be promoting DRAGON BLADE in Thailand but his heart is still with his son
Jackie Chan is pleased with Jaycee Chan's press conference
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Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) yesterday held a press conference in Beijing, personally apologized to the public and admitted he truly made a mistake. His father Jackie Chan earlier already said that because he was busy with his Lunar New Year film DRAGON BLADE's promotion, he would not appear at his son's press conference. His mother Joan Lin was rumored to appear but also did not. Currently promoting DRAGON BLADE in Thailand, Jackie Chan yesterday revealed that he regretted that he was unable to watch Cho Ming's press conference live due to a taping. Watching it afterward, he felt that his son has truly grown up and finally was like a man.

Jackie Chan said that seeing his son's performance he felt like his son did not waste the half a year that he spent in the detention center. However, the road that lay ahead for Fong Cho Ming would definitely be very hard. It would be up to his son how he would face it. Jackie Chan in the future still had to promote the film all over. He said that for now he would not have the time to return home to see his son. He might not be able to celebrate the New Year with his family. He said, "I promised all the film distributors so I have to promote everywhere. After all the promotions, then I will be able to see my son."

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