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Jing Boran is looking for his parents, being on the search for Andy Lau's son compensates for something in each other.
Andy Lau puts a lot of effort into his character design to be more realistic
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The Andy Lau Tak Wa starred film LOST AND LOVE (SUT GOO) was based of many real cases, sincerely displaying the severe damaging of kidnapping and sale of children on individuals, families and even society. Around 1.2 million children are kidnapped and sold every year around the world. Wa Jai only had one hope when he made this film. "As long as one person in the entire world would think after watching the film, properly protect his children and stop harming children, then it is worth this entire film."

Wa Jai said that earlier already noticed that the sale of children was happening around the world every second and this type of film was needed to bring attention to this global problem to everyone. In the film he played a farmer who lost his son Lei Zekuan. He gave this character an even more human interpretation with hairstyle, skin color, behavior and even gesture. He said, "Many people feel Lau Tak Wa has to be handsome, but I don't feel Lau Tak Wa and Lei Zekuan have distance that can't be overcome. In real life handsome farmers have to exist, the most important is whether the director believed the actor could play this role well. As long as the director believed that, I would be willing to play it well no matter the character."

According to director Peng Sanyuan, Lei Zekuan carried a shoulder bag everywhere with him. The team decided that he would carry it on his back then ride a rundown motorcycle city to city. Later after Wa Jai's character analysis, he carried the bag in front of his chest under his jacket. He even unknowingly protected his bag with his arm. Wa Jai said, "When a farmer has been on the road to find his son for 15 years, inside his bag was all of his son and other children's missing people flyers, identification documents and a little change. Those were everything he had. This person who was constantly outside and on the road subconsciously would protect this bag very well." He also made himself very tan, and still wore his hat when he was in a shoot. "Because this farmer has been on a motorcycle and on the road for 15 years, when I got off and removed my hat my hair was the most realistic." He even found farmers' old clothing and shoes to wear to be even more realistic. In the film he and Jing Boran went on the road of looking for their families together.

LOST AND LOVE also had Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Tony Leung Ka Fai for guest stars as a child peddler and a police officer who would tug at people's heart strings. Wa Jai personally invited them. Wa Jai put in all his efforts for justice. "If it can bring more attention to the kidnapping and sale of children, I would have to say thank you already." Kwan Yu at first felt that her comedy sense was too strong and worried about destroying the message the film wanted to express, but after her costume fitting and being in the environment, she very naturally got into character.

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