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The Jackie Chan new film DRAGON BLADE will not open in Hong Kong until next year, but it has already opened in the Mainland on Lunar New Year's Day. It not only made 116 million RMB to land on the top of the single day box office but was also the only film to break the 100 million mark. As for the Lunar 4th, DRAGON's Mainland box office has already reached 337 million RMB and in first place of the Lunar New Year box office for now. Currently promoting in Chongqing promotion Jackie Chan excitedly said, "Of course I am happy about the performance, the promotional tour to so many places hasn't been a waste. The actors worked very hard and got some reward. I hope the number will continue to climb, for the other films too. Joy for everyone!"

As for his son Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming), Jackie Chan admitted that he has not seen him yet. In Taiwan Cho Ming earlier called him to wish him Happy New Year. "I called me with New Year greetings, but I like to talk face to face. So it was just a casual chat, to make a long story short. (Are you in a hurry to see your son?) After Changsha tomorrow I will go to Taiwan to spend the New Year with them. I am looking forward to it!" However Jackie Chan's Taiwan trip will be rushed as well because next month he will start promoting DRAGON in Hong Kong. In April he will have to have meetings for another new film. Jackie Chan last night thanked fans online. "Although others can't feel the pain from a film productions, film is just like this: it is as serious to you as you are to it." I also asked fans to stop giving him food.

Jackie Chan denied plans to send Cho Ming to study directing in the U.S. so he would be able to take care of his company in the future. "No such thing, he is helping me with my record. I still have five songs to record."

As for the other films in the Mainland box office, WOLF TOTEM accumulated 199 million RMB, SNOW GIRL AND THE DARK CRYSTAL made 192 million and TRIUMPH IN THE SKIS made 77.7 million.

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