Saturday, February 21, 2015


Kelly Chen was a childhood idol of Alan Tam's son 
Alan Tam receives vegetables from fans
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Alan and Kelly perform
Alan Tam jokes about bringing a "fortune bag" (sounds like pant pocket) for lai see
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Two nights ago was Alan Tam Wing Lung's 8th show in his concert series. Due to the Lunar New Year fireworks on the Lunar 2nd, the show did not start until 9:30PM. However the audience remained enthusiastic. A fan even gave vegetables to Alan.

That night Alan invited Kelly Chen Wai Lam to be his guest. They performed LOVE OF FOG (MO JI LUEN) together. Kelly recalled when she started Alan helped her as her concert guest. As soon as he appeared he brought the entire concert atmosphere to its climax. Kelly wanted to rehearse one of Alan's songs to sing together, but he said, "No need, I will sing your GLITTERLY GALAXY!" Kelly thought that was curious. Later she learned that actually at night he wanted to sing the song for his son, so two nights ago she chose to sing that song again. She said to Alan. "Although he isn't here, would you please record it for him and play it for him. I hope he still likes this song!" Alan said that when his son was little his idol was Kelly. Kelly joked that she used to be an older sister and now she has become Auntie Kelly.

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