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Carina Lau and Nick Cheung both give wild performance
Chau Cheok Wa and his wife Chan Wai Ling
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Nick Cheung after receiving Carina Lau's compliment says that they can work on a romance together
Hazel Tong says that her time for topless performance has not come
The pregnant Chan Wai Ling and Cau Cheok Wa
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Carina Lau Ka Ling, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Wong Jing and Suncity Group chief Chau Cheok and his wife last night attended the film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON II) Macau premiere. Ka Ling said that she will spend this Lunar New Year in Hong Kong. Did her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai come to show his support last night? She joked, "Don't scare me." As for Valentine's Day, Ka Ling said that she would give flowers and she has already prepared a gift. She said, "A warm greeting and flowers are already enough." Would she like a surprise from Wai Jai? She said, "We are so mature, I don't need it."

Ka Ling shared on the stage that next time she wanted a little more passionate bed scene with Fat Gor (Chow Yun Fat) and did not want something as child's play as a kiss every time. She wanted to try something else. She said, "This time I saw Fat Gor being very funny, playing a clown and a fighter. He had no regard for his image at all. I also saw how hard Ka Fai worked too, so I want to give it a try." As for the daughter of the Chief Executive, Leung Chai Yan, making a movie, Ka Ling was surprised. "Huh? Really? It's such good news. Everyone should have the courage to be themselves, not being labeled because of being someone's offspring. They should do what they want to do. She has her right, as long as she isn't hurt anyone it is fine." With Chai Yan's background, would she not have pressure to her acting? She said, "Anything is possible in the world, even presidents have been actors. No one should be trapped inside a frame. Human has infinite possibilities. I won't be trapped inside a frame either, I act and I run a business. I am willing to learn anything so my life can be full of possibilities."

Wong Jing was asked if he has approached Candy Yuen Ka Man. He said that he called her once earlier but did not get through. He would not be surprised if she changed her number. Yuen Ka Man reportedly claimed that Wong Jing only supported Dominic Ho Ho Man and she was only an accessory. He said, "Actually the characters all had potential, no one in particular got more support. If I was to support anyone, I would have put a big picture over the tunnel entrance. However Yuen Ka Man was rather appropriate, just right for the role." Wong Jing reportedly paid Yuen Ka Man very little. He said, "It's not little. (HK$ 200,000?) Of course more than that." Will they work together again? Wong Jing said that if suitable he would even work with Chapman To Man Chak. Speaking of Leung Chai Yan's film debut, Wong Jing said, "She is a very ordinary girl. I only found out about her getting into the business from the newspaper." Would he work with her? He said, "No, I already said that she is a very ordinary girl."

Cheung Ka Fai received Ka Ling's compliment. Ka Fai said that earlier they have not worked together before. He said, "I just watched the big screen, she and I were rather compatible. I hope we will work together again." Would he like a bed scene? He joked that he was very innocent and not often talk about sex. He said, "Ask Fat Gor to make a third film, he and I can be a little more extreme." As for Leung Chai Yan being in the film industry, he said, "I haven't been in Hong Kong lately, the film industry has always been very open. The director has his own angles with casting, I am preparing for a ghost film myself." Would he ask Chai Yan to play a ghost? He said, "If the role is suitable I would, but mine will be a detective romance." Speaking of Wong Jing saying that Chai Yan was an ordinary girl, Ka Fai said, "That's his problem, I look ordinary too."

In addition Chau Cheok Wa's pregnant wife arrived and he played her bodyguard. When reporters approached him he immediately left. Was he confident about the box office? He said yes. Did he give a car to his wife earlier? He only said that no comment. Mrs. Chow was asked if the child will be a boy or a girl? She only said Happy New Year. Was she happy now? She said, "I am happy now." Was she afraid that the venue would be too crowded? She said that she was because she had assistants. She said that she will not be in Macau for the New Year as the family will go on a vacation together.

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