Monday, February 16, 2015


Leung Chai Yan presents a bear to Don Li before the show ends
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Leung Chai Yan puts her sunglasses on when the press tries to take her photo
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The Chief Executive's daughter Leung Chai Yan took her first film role in NAM GIK TAM SEH DUNG (Tentative title). The film was originally scheduled for an end of February production start, due to recent script issues the start needed to be postponed. Director Lau Chun Fai admitted the delay but said that the reason had nothing to do with Leung Chai Yan. Has he been in contact with Leung Chai Yan recently? He said, "Yes, (Has she recovered?) She is much better! (Does the film production delay have anything to do with her?) No, it's just a script problem. After the Lunar New Year I will have meetings to discuss that." Was he worried that Leung Chai Yan in the end would not be able to make the film? He said, "I am not worried."

In addition, Leung Chai Yan last night suddenly appeared at Don Li Yat Long's mini concert. She sat in the front row but she tripped in front of Li Yat Long. After she sat down she took off her jacket. During the shoot she applauded and took her phone to take pictures for Li Yat Long. When reporters tried to take pictures of her she put on a pair of sunglasses.

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