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Charlene Choi is disappointed that Simon Yam does not show up at her graduation ceremony
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The Herman Yau Lai To directed, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin starred new film SARA (CHOR GEI) will open on March 5. In the film Simon Yam Tat Wa played a high ranking official and supported Ah Sa's education for eight years.

In one scene Ah Sa was doing her homework at home, Brother Wa visited her. On the surface he skipped lunch to see Ah Sa, but actually he was looking for a release for his desire for Ah Sa. Ah Sa saw through his intention and ignored him, Brother Wa then unplugged Ah Sa's computer. Ah Sa was enraged as they began to argue. In real life Ah Sa would very rarely throw such a big tantrum. This scene contained many complicated relationships and emotions, thus before the shoot she closed herself in to prevent others from disturbing her while she cultivated her emotion. She even asked producer Chapman To Man Chak to leave the set. "With him here I would have a lot of pressure!"

In the story Brother Wa had to slap Ah Sa hard, which made Brother Wa's heart ache a little. He said, "Ah Sa is as thin as paper, even the wind can blow her away. Yet if I didn't hit hard enough, she might have to get slapped a few more times. Thus I could only try to slap her hard once. Luckily after two takes the director was satisfied and my sense of guilt was much reduced."

"I told her that a few slaps from me you could make you 'Best Actress', luckily she didn't disappoint and received a nomination. I asked the crew to prepare a bucket of ice for her face, but her skin was so pale that after the slap her face was all red. The finger marks could be seen very clearly." Brother Wa also said that director Yau Lai To later added a scene in which Ah Sa slapped him to "even the score". "She didn't know how to hold back, that slap really was hard. We are even."

Brother Wa directed for the first time over a year ago and received decent box office and word of mouth. Originally he planned to try again at the end of the year with a supernatural police story. "Everything is in very initial stages, now as we talk more and more I feel I might as well as Ah Sa and William (Chan Wai Ting) to perform together. I really take care of the two of them."

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