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Sandra Ng cops a feel of Eddie Peng's chest
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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu made an extension version of her Lunar New Year film 12 GOLDEN DUCKS (12 GUM NGAP) and flew to Shanghai to find her god Eddie Peng Yu-Yen to merge with the Lo Hoi Pang played Pang Yu-Yen. The extended version will open on the Lunar 8th (the 26th).

Kwan Yu has always wanted to invite Peng Yu-Yen to participate but his schedule did not have room. Even though the film has already had advanced screenings, Kwan Yu did not give up as she kept checking schedules with Eddie who was working on a film in Shanghai. Finally Eddie took time to fulfill Kwan Yu's wish. Although Eddie had to work on another film that day, he worked on 12 GOLDEN DUCKS first and in the end spent a few hours on the hour.

Kwan Yu and Eddie worked together for the first time but they were no strangers at all. Kwan Yu saw Eddie and copped a feel of his chest, she joked that she had to greet his UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN) chest. Eddie admitted that he had a lot of fun from the production because he has always wanted to make a comedy. Although this time he only guest starred, his co-star was Kwan Yu. He was even able to dance with her and since it was also a Lunar New Year film he was happy to take part.

Kwan Yu said, "This shoot was decided after the Hong Kong premiere after party. The next day the director, the producer, make up artist and hair stylist flew to Shanghai with me. Everyone was united. Even the Mainland production team was very helpful. I was very touched by photographer (Mark) Lee Ping-Bing's guest participation. I hope everyone would watch it again and again, each time sense our unity and joy." She also thanked her friends for helping out. "Hong Kong had the 'three colored ducks' of (Nicholas) Tse Ting Fung, (Louis) Koo Tin Lok and (Eason) Chan Yik Shun, the Mainland had K-pop's Luhan, the film also had Taiwan goddess Michelle Chen and god Peng Yu-Yen. I try to keep everyone happy and entertained."

Currently spending the Lunar New Year with her family in Los Angeles, Kwan Yu in order to experience the film's cheerful atmosphere with the audience will return to Hong Kong this weekend and attend audience appreciation events with the cast.

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