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Aaron Kwok is very happy to have his mother's turnip cake for Valentine's Day
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing lately has been busy with his film THE MONKEY KING 2 (SAI YAU GEI ji SUEN NG HUNG SAM DA BAK GWUT JING) in Wuxi. He returned to Hong Kong to attend the Hong Kong Masters at the AsiaWorld-Expo as the guest presenter. He has attended this event for a third year in a row. He was the happiest about being able to see the world's best jockeys and horses. Sing Sing learned how to ride, but hurdle jumping required special training. Originally he hired a coach to learn, but in the end because of a film production he was unable to. He also said that after the event he had to rush back to Wuxi for work. On the Lunar New Year's Eve he will return to Hong Kong for a reunion. On the Lunar 6th he will return to Wuxi for the film, which will wrap up production by March.

Two days ago was Valentine's Day, how did he spend it? He said that he went to her mother's home for his mother's homemade turnip cake and her soup of love. At night he had a spring dinner with co-workers. He said that Mommy was already 80 but she still personally made turnip cake for him, which he was very happy about. For the Lunar New Year's Eve he suggested going out to eat because he did not want his mother to cook again. Did he give a big lai see to Mommy? Sing Sing said that every year he did. Did Mommy rush him to bring home a girlfriend? He said that Mommy did not want to keep talking it, letting love take its natural course. Sing Sing also said that he would personally pan fry turnip cakes for Mommy. Aside from Mommy, his sister and brother have also tried his cooking. As for old flames, he immediately said that he would not talk about that. Sing Sing said that THE MONKEY KING 2 was the most difficult in his career. In the film he played Sun Wukong. Everyday he had to glue hair all over his body. He could not open his mouth too wide while eating, thus he lost a lot of weight. This time upon his return to Hong Kong, he would take the chance to eat more.

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