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Lingshan Giant Buddha Statue in Wuxi
Law Chung Him, Xiao Shenyang, Feng Shaofeng, Gong Li, Aaron Kwok, Sammo Hung
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Gong Li and Aaron Kwok prays for smooth production and box office success in Lingshan, Wuxi
Sing Sing enthusiastically shakes Gong Li's hand as soon as she sees her
Action director Sammo Hung is very strict with every shot
Feng Shaofeng arrives in a wheel chair
Feng Shaofeng is less than mobile but still prays faithfully
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THE MONKEY KING 2 (SAI YAU GEI ji SUEN NG HUNG SAM DA BAK GWUT JING) starred many stars including Gong Li, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Feng Shaofeng, Xiao Shenyang and Law Chung Him and will open on the Lunar New Year of the Monkey 2016. To guarantee production progress, during the Year of the Sheep the entire team remained on the set in Wuxi. This month they will complete the Mainland production and the team will fly to New Zealand for production.

Earlier to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Sheep, the team went to the giant Lingshan Buddha statue to pray for blessing. Feng Shaofeng who was injured earlier insisted on attending in a wheel chair. Kwok Fu Sing and Gong Li greeted each other with a handshake. Everyone prayed for the film in front of the Lingshan Giant Buddha and wished everyone doubling their fortune and wisdom, luck and for all their wishes come true. Kwok Fu Sing and Gong Li prayed faithfully. Feng Shaofeng was injured and needed help from Xiao Shenyang and the crew to kneel and pray. He was very faithful as well. Actually he was injured twice, once he was even in a coma. Last year when he worked on a riding scene in Wuxi he fell off the horse and was crushed, he was unconscious immediately. Sing Sing was scared out of his wits. Rushed to the hospital, Feng Shaofeng regained consciousness when boss Alex Wong Hoi Fung visited and was released a week later.

For this performance, the actors put in a lot of effort. Xiao Shenyang even gained weight for his character. Feng Shaofeng even with his injury still insisted on performance. Gong Li earlier said that if this performance of White Bone Spirit had no breakthrough that she would consider it a failure. Playing Sun Wukong Kwok, Fu Sing admitted that this film was the most difficult in his career. The special effect make up alone already took several hours, and he had many action scenes in the film. During the shoot his skin also had an allergic reaction. He was not only peeling but also itching all over. The team in order to ease Sing Sing's condition arranged for people to give him facials. Each time Sing Sing's manager Siu Mei visited the set in the Mainland, she had to transport a big box of medication. Always willing to accept a challenge though, Sing Sing said that the film was worth all his effort. "As long as the audience likes it then it is worth it!" The crew even joked that even if Sing Sing suddenly had an itch during the shoot, he could scratch it because Sun Wukong loved to scratch himself!

Filmko has spent HK$ 5 million on the Hong Kong International Film and Television Market at the end of the month. Aside from buying three eye catching stalls, the company also created a White Bone Cave and bought a lot of advertising on the program including the cover and the back cover.

The film company also prepared teasers for the buyers to catch a first glimpse, but the official trailer will have to wait until June at the Shanghai Film Festival. To attract viewers, the cast will not attend the film promotion together. They will only appear in groups that will be kept confidential to draw attention.

Boss Wong Hoi Fung also said that the production has gone over its budget. "This time the make up took a lot of work. On average 4 hours had to be spent on make up. Some even needed 8 hours. The film also had over 800 costumes. Some areas have gone over budget, but I expected them to. Action director (Sammo) Hung Kam Bo was also very strict, the wire work had to be perfect and the marks had to be hit with precision."

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