Monday, February 23, 2015


Julian Hui and Michelle Reis with Alan Tam
Joey Yung gives Alan Tam a kiss
Alan Tam and Joey Yung
Wilfred Lau supports his girlfriend
Sheren Tang, Alan Tam and Luis Castro
Michelle Reis is in the audience
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Alan Tam Wing Lun's concert held its tenth show two nights ago, Joey Yung Cho Yi was invited the guest. Joey's mother and boyfriend Wilfred Lau Ho Lung also attended. Others in the audience included Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yan) and Julian Hui Chun Hung, Luis Castro (Ga Si Lok) and others. When Alan went to receive lai see in the audience, he hit his upper lip in the chaos and had a little blood in his teeth. He said that he was fine and would continue to perform.

When Alan introduced Joey, he praised her as one of the most hard working singers in music. Then Joey appeared in red for the holiday. As soon as Joey saw Alan she wished him and the audience Happy New Year, and said that when she saw the audience waving the glow sticks nonstop she felt like she was at a G-Dragon (Big Bang) concert. Already Alan's concert guest for the third time, Joey recalled that her first time when she performed in five shows. Alan even loaned her his personal hairstylist to work on her hair and give her the same style as Alan's.

They performed PREFERENCE. Joey said, "This song is very hard to sing, at home I needed to practice with someone!" Alan joked, "Ah Lung would do it!" Joey avoided the subject. "I really can't be higher pitch than you! You truly are amazing! You have to keep singing!" Alan said that he would sing until he was 80 for his fans. Joey said, "Sing until you are 100! We all really like you!" She even asked for a hug and took the chance to kiss him. Then Alan went to change and she performed LOVE OF FOG before leaving.

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