Thursday, February 26, 2015


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Alan Tam is near eyes a few times 
MayDay enjoys being Alan Tam's concert guests
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Alan Tam gets teary eyed
Alan chases Stone to stuff lai see in his back pocket
Alan with MayDay's Ashin
After the show fans give Alan lai see with a net
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Alan Tam Wing Lun's 13 show Hong Kong Coliseum concert series ended two nights ago. Friends Cally Kwong Mei Wan, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan and her husband, Candy Law Lam, Amy Kwok Oi Ming and others were in the audience. Two nights ago was the Lunar 7th, Alan wished everyone Happy Birthday as soon as the show began. He said, "Today is People Day, everyone's birthday, Happy Birthday, wish you are 25 every year!" Fans presented flowers and strawberry gift boxes. Alan handed the microphone toward a female fan, who said, "Thank you very much for singing good songs for us over the years, silent thank you should be something that we say to you." At this time, Alan was already teary eyed and could not speak. After a few seconds he said, "I will do my best, I will sing as long as I can sing while I am young."

Alan invited Taiwan group Mayday to be his guests and sang LOVE TRAP with them. Mayday lead singer Ashin's Cantonese was less than fluent, Alan took him all over the stage. He shoved all the lai see from fans to Ashin and Guan Ming. Because guitarist Stone was playing and did not have a free hand to accept, Alan directly shoved a big pile of lai see into his back pocket then took the chance to smack him on the rear. Ashin said, "It's the first time that I got red envelops during a performance. I have never done it before, it's a lot of fun." Alan led MayDay in New Year greetings to the audience and said that he got red envelops everyday and lived off them. The crowd cracked up.

Alan later carried a red bag to accept lai see in the audience, "Tiny" Siu Bow gave lai see and a hug. Alan went wow. Alan while performing the last song SILENT THANK YOU said, "I don't know how the future will turn out, I of course hope I can sing until I am 80. Thank you to the audience of the past 13 nights, I will properly remember every moment." Alan again got teary eyed and almost broke down. Finally he blew kisses to end the show.

After the show Alan said that after the 13 shows he will turn to be an ordinary fat guy. As for almost breaking down twice, Alan said, "I didn't know what the fan wanted to say, I never expect what she said made a lot of sense. On a deeper level, everyone interact. When I put into an effort like this, everyone would be able to relate. When we are connected together then it's fine." He called himself amazing for being able to hold back the tears because he was afraid of affecting the performance.

Alan said that starting with the first show he gave away wonton noodles every night. Everyone could redeem their ticket stubs for a bowl of wonton noodle. He almost gave away 100,000 bowls and hoped that viewers would line up and bring business. As for the superstar guests, Alan said, "I will give everyone a boxset, the number will be their birth date. I also ordered some cashmere scarves as little gifts. As for the company, I may make another glass display or something like that." He said that later he will continue the "Left Lun Right Lee" concert tour. His solo concert tour will not begin until late July. Will he perform for his 50th anniversary in the business? Alan said, "I will wait until I am 80."

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