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Jackie Chan nowcares more about word of mouth than box office
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Jackie Chan two nights ago appeared in his film DRAGON BLADE's celebration in Beijing. Since its February 29th release the film has made over 500 million nationwide. Jackie Chan and director Daniel Lee Yan Kong attended a celebration with the cast. Famous CCTV host Bai Yansong talked with Jackie Chan, who lamented that he was already 60 and his thinking has drastically changed. Now he would no longer care about the box office. He admitted that in the past he would always make comparison with Sammo Hung Kam Bo and Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit) and would be very anxious about the box office. Yet after several decades he no longer had the pressure, as long as he did his best then he was fine. He too had confidence in himself. He said, "I have been through too many storms. Since I can answer to Heaven, Earth and conscience, I can sleep well everyday. I wouldn't swindle anyone as I am responsible to fans.

Jackie Chan admitted that as he got older his action was not as agile as before. At his peak he could perform five straight kicks, now he has trouble with one. He would focus more on the story, and coordinate the action with some tricks and cameras. Jackie Chan said that his films in recent years all promoted patriotism and peace. As early as 30 years ago his films were already patriotic. He hoped that every film would be able to deliver the message of patriotism. DRAGON was a story about protecting the Silk Road. Bai Yansong asked if it had to do with the national policy of "building the Silk Road Economic Belt". Jackie Chan pointed out that he already wanted to make this film seven years ago. He said, "Although I am not too educated, I still love my nation today. Shouldn't people love their country. Is loving my country a crime? If I get yelled at for loving my country, then let them!"

When the host mentioned that Jackie Chan should thank himself in the mirror for DRAGON BLADE becoming a hit, he suddenly revealed his "secret" and said, "Lately every morning I get up I would face the mirror and say, 'Jackie Chan how lucky are you'." Then he truly said to the mirror, "Jackie Chan thank you, you are truly lucky."

In addition, the location where Jackie Chan was was the same as where his son Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) earlier held his apology press conference. Jackie Chan yesterday bowed to the media several time to apologize and thanked everyone for their acceptance of his family.

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