Friday, February 13, 2015


Jaycee Chan's vehiecle (white in the center) ran many red lights to avoid the media

After his release Jaycee Chan returned to rest in Beijing Riviera and meet his mother Joan Lin
The hotel is already ready for Jaycee Chan's press conference
The media waits outside the detention center
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Yesterday when a vehicle left the detention center the media flocked to it, thinking Jaycee Chan was in the back seat
M'Stone International's press release
Adrien Brody takes the all star selfie
Choi Si-Won steals the spotlight with strange poses
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Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) was sentenced to half a year in prison for providing shelter to others for drug use. Yesterday he was released early in the morning. His management company yesterday issued a press release to confirm Cho Ming's release and thank everyone for their concern all along. Today Cho Ming will hold a press conference in Beijing to officially apologize and explain himself to the public.

The statement is as followed, "Our company's artist Fong Cho Ming broke the law in the Mainland for providing shelter to others for drug use and was sentenced to six months in prison. On February 13 2015 at 0:40, he has already been released from prison in Beijing after completing his sentence. Thank you everyone for your care all along, and all the friend in the media for your concern. M'Stone International and Fong Cho Ming have decided to hold a press conference on February 14 in Beijing to officially apologize and explain himself to the public." (

Although Jackie Chan and Joan Lin did not pick up Cho Ming from prison upon his release, two nights ago when Jackie Chan promoted his new film DRAGON BLADE in Taipei he described Cho Ming as a "little jerk". He stated that he was happy about his son's release and said that a drug arrest was a bad thing that also turned into a good thing, because it saved Cho Ming's future.

Speaking of Cho Ming's massive reading and script writing at the detention center, Jackie Chan suggested, "After his release he can write a script called HALF YEAR OF ME." He also said that this half a year has not been much of a bother to him, at most his reputation was damaged. Joan Lin was the one who was hurt the most. She turned away friends and phone calls to be punished along with her son, which instead increased the exchanges between husband and wife.

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