Thursday, February 12, 2015


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Wilfred Lau Ho Lung (Si Hing) yesterday appeared on Commercial Radio. Speaking of Valentine's Day, Si Hing said that lately he has been very busy. He would have to promote 12 GOLDEN DUCKS and then go to the Lunar New Year Fair stall to sell boxers. Will his girlfriend Joey Yung Cho Yi go as well? He said she will not, mainly he, Philip Keung Ho Man and BabyJohn will promote; he also said that the boxers will have 12 GOLDEN DUCKS logos. Luckily BabyJohn's head will be on the most important area, his will flow around other spots.

As for Valentine's Day gift, Si Hing said that he did not have time to prepare. However he believed that his girlfriend would be happy to see how busy he was, which was already the best gift. Did they give each other surprise before? He said that they often would but he would not talk about his personal life. Now work comes first. They would do what normal couples do but he could not talk much about it. Si Hing said that the best surprise came from his boss Paco Wong. After his contract signing he received two new songs from him and was very touched. Was his boss more attentive than his girlfriend? He said that they had two different types of love, he was very happy that his boss took care of him.

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