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Sandra Ng plays a man who leads the three colored ducks to make a living
Sandra Ng says that she would wear the male body as long as it is fresh to the audience
The three colored ducks Babyjohn Choi, Wilfred Lau and Philip Keung have chemistry as soon as they get together
Sandra Ng thinks that she has a knack for dancing but she does not.  Sometimes she would be half a beat slower than the three colored ducks
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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu's GOLDEN CHICKENSSS (GUM GAI SSS) was a big hit last year. This year she looked for a breakthrough, changed genders and played Golden Duck. She again called in favors for the Lunar New Year film 12 GOLDEN DUCKS (12 GUM NGAP). Kwan Yu thanked her superstar friends for guest starring for her in the past two years, stated that she would keep it going and revealed that next year she will make CHICKEN AND DUCK TALK (GUM TUNG NGAP GONG).

Kwan Yu this time played Golden Duck who had all the women under his spell, as she led the three colored ducks Philip Keung Ho Man, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung and BabyJohn to make a living. Kwan Yu chose Si Hing, Hak Jai and BabyJohn to play the three colored ducks because they have never made a crazy comedy. They would definitely bring freshness to the audience and open their eyes. Of course she also thought that they would "duck" (work)! "I have seen a lot of Brother Hak's acting, from the aTV era he already was a good actor. I have seen his work with Lo Hoi Pang and Lee Heung Kam, he had quite a sense for comedy. Yet in recent years in his Hong Kong films his characters were rather depressed. I haven't seen him play comedy. After years in the business I still feel that he still has endless potential, he definitely will do well with comedy. I have seen many male, female and gay friends all liking this type of men of steel construction guys. I saw how fat he was in UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN) to how cut he was, and I wanted to work with him. BabyJohn was the most entertaining in the entire THE WAY WE DANCE (KONG MO PAI). He had acting, presence and good appearance, he could make various transformations and a star of tomorrow. Si Hing's past characters were very quite, he hasn't let go yet. His heart hasn't been opened to comedy. I saw his uniqueness, with any layer and audience he would have contrast. Since they have contrast and freshness with the audience, why not give them a try? I approached them with this mentality, trying to display their uniqueness as much as possible."

The trio did not mind playing "ducks" because with Kwan Yu they knew it was a comedy and not a category III film. Hak Jai did not believed that Kwan Yu would dare to make a category III film for old and young "perverts" alike, but Kwan Yu very seriously said that she truly wanted to make a category III film. Kwan Yu was very pleased with their performance. "Before working together I of course had questions, but their experience could be enough. Of course they needed time to gel. Thus I really like Lo Hoi Pang. Whatever lines you give him, he might not steal the show but he would definitely nail them. I need this type of people who is reliable and can hold down the fort around me, so I asked him to be one of the 12 GOLDEN DUCKS."

For their first crazy comedy, the three colored ducks said that they had a lot of fun. Hak Jai said, "I never thought that everyone would be so interested in me in hot pants, the result was great." Kwan Yu stressed that Hak Jai's shorts scene was not dirty at all. BabyJohn pointed out that when the three of them got together they were able to create a chemical reaction and were very funny. Kwan Yu said that the funniest was she danced with them. "They have quite a knack for dancing, at first I thought I had it but actually I didn't. Now my memory is getting worse, so I asked them to remember it. Sometimes I would stand behind them to watch, but I would always be half a beat behind. The result was very funny."

Kwan Yu blamed her poor memory on being too tired, everyday her make up took many hours and she had to wear that man's "body" that was very stuffy and very hot. Also because in the duck business she had to chok at all times, she was very tired. Kwan Yu was also a glutton for punishment. Because to the audience it was fresh, with her among the ducks they would not feel dirty or smutty.

In GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS, Kwan Yu relied on special effect make up to turn into a woman with a 38G bust. This time she also relied on special effect make up to turn into a man. Aside from having muscles all over, she also needed work on Adam's apple and legs. Did she like playing a big busted woman or a man? Kwan Yu said, "The 38G bust fulfilled my personal dream, no man would resist big busts on a slim body. It was a projection. This time playing a man had creative breakthrough and was very interesting." She admitted that at first when the script was being written, she considered playing a client to be around the 12 GOLDEN DUCKS. She thought it was nothing special. She also said that playing a man she could things that other men did not dare to do, like touching Michelle Chen's chest. The audience would not feel grossed out. Kwan Yu revealed that in the bachelorette party scene, the director thought it lacked atmosphere. Thus she grabbed the woman and kissed her like mad. However the three colored ducks just watched and did not dare to act. "I jokingly said to them if they can take advantage they should, but they were still very mild mannered, very gentleman like. At this point, you can see human nature, in the end I was the dirtiest as I kissed everyone. Actually I am dirtier than men, this time I touched many (female stars)."

The three colored ducks said that before working with Kwan Yu they thought that she was very dominating. Kwan Yu said, "It's a misconception, it's all looks. I look mean but actually am not. Everyday I work for over 10 hours, many people ask me things, I had a lot to handle so inevitably I would look frustrated." Hak Jai then tossed out, "Her frustrated look is pretty cute." Kwan Yu said that she was with Hak Jai night and day as they worked together for one or two months. Hak Jai then told her that they have worked together over 10 years ago and said that people were afraid just from hearing her name.

Si Hing was not afraid of Kwan Yu and even made fun of her personality split. "She said that she would lose weight, but every two minutes she would order take out. She only ate what was fattening, pineapple bun with butter, Mexican bun." Kwan Yu explained that she was a girl after all, around them she looked very thin. After two days when she played playback she realized something was wrong. Thus she ate like crazy to gain weight. The three colored ducks for this film deliberately got into shape and lost weight, while Kwan Yu had to gain weight instead. She said, "I was afraid that next to them I would look like a woman. Luckily the result wasn't off by much." Did she feel she looked like a man? She said, "I have my share of being cool. The director joked that something was missing. Men were used to protecting their privates, I would forget and sometimes would give myself away." In order to experience being a "real" man, Kwan Yu added pads in her lower body and said that she felt very happy. She said, "In one scene (Nicholas Tse) Ting Fung had to smack my lower body, he was afraid to smack me without any pad. After the addition he was freer."

BabyJohn was not afraid of Kwan Yu either, maybe he was lucky to live in this happy era. He revealed that before he started in the business he already liked Kwan Yu a lot in ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL (GA YAU HEI SI). He wanted to work with her, but he never imagined that his dream would come true. Kwan Yu revealed, "Last year I asked him to make GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS, he turned it down!"

Kwan Yu this time invited many artists to guest star like Korean idol Luhan. She admitted that he was very expensive and put the film over budget. Luhan needed six security guards around him at all times; all the lai see from the cast would not be as expensive as the six security guards, but she understood that they were necessary. He truly had many fans. Luckily they used a diversion and the production was not affected. Kwan Yu admitted that last year's GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS was also very expensive. She made HK$ 180,000 before the celebration dinner. Will she turn GOLDEN DUCKS into a series? She said, "I will, a series, next year I plan to make CHICKEN AND DUCK TALK, then I will make GOLDEN DOG, GOLDEN CAT, haha." She thanked friends who have helped out as guest stars in the past few years. She has been turned down as well, but only a few times. Why did she not invite Peter Chan Ho Sun to guest star? She said that originally the director wanted to, because when we had to Taiwan duck shops for research they discovered that the local duck shop boss resembled Chan Ho Sun a lot. However she turned him down as she did not want him to cross into acting. She also spared him from years of ridicule. Kwan Yu even revealed that Chan Ho Sun years ago has helped others with music videos, and she made fun of him for many years.

The three colored ducks Keung Ho Man, Lau Ho Lung and BabyJohn said that before the shoot they thought that they would have stripping scenes, but actually they did not. The film did not sell sex and instead it had tears within laughter. Did Lau Ho Lung avoid bed scenes out of fear that he would upset girlfriend Joey Yung Cho Yi? He said no, acting was work. Joey this time guest starred. Why did she not have any scene with him? He said, "I wouldn't be so lame."

Did the trio have any friend who were "ducks"? Lau Ho Lung admitted that a friend's dream was becoming a duck and he truly did it for a day. Keung Ho man admitted that when he first got into the business, someone asked him to be a duck but he truly did not have enough guts. For the film he lost 30 pounds. After the production he continued to eat potatoes to maintain the shape. BabyJohn also gained over ten pounds for the film and got into shape, but he joked that he definitely had no merman line.

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