Thursday, February 12, 2015


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The Herman Yau Lai To new film SARA (CHOR GEI) has broken into the 10th Osaka Asian Film Festival and the 17th Udine Far East International Film Festival competition. The film at the same time will participate in the 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival. Ah Sa felt very excited and hoped that the film will continue to participate in more film festivals around the world, so viewers of even more nations would bring more attention to this type of social topics.

The film poster continued to challenge the censorship standards. The early poster with Ah Sa bathing in blood was already considered too bloody, luckily the censors still approved it. Recently the film company again released an official poster in which the leads were in an intimate position inside a vehicle. Ah Sa seemed to be taking the initiative and Simon Yam Tat Wa seemed to be caught off guard. During the shoot, Ah Sa had to take the initiative throughout. She joked that luckily Brother Wa kept guiding her so her tension was reduced. She has never worked on this type of intimate scenes, at the start anxiety was inevitable. Luckily Yau Lai To has always been very polite and gentle with her. With Brother Wa kept saying that scenes like these were very easy to handle and appearing to be relaxed, Ah Sa's stress was much lessen.

Censors called the film poster excessively tantalizing and thought that Ah Sa grabbing Brother Wa's belt would stir up people's imagination, in the end the censors wanted the film company to remove the belt buckle from the poster before they would approve it. Yau Lai To was baffled and said that he did not understand the censorship guidelines.

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