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Lokman Yeung, Cherry Ngan and BabyJohn Choi witness each other from being green to mature.
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The BabyJohn Choi Hon Yik, Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling, and Lokman Yeung starred THE WAY WE DANCE (KONG MO PAI) was released in 2013 to commercial and critical success. Its sequel THE WAY WE KEEP DANCING (KONG MO PAI 3) 8 years later finally surfaced. Three actors went from being green to mature, but the price of growing up may be compromising with reality. They all said that they have been lost, but fortunately they were able to find themselves.

Choi Hon Yik, Ngan Cheuk Ling, and Lokman Yeung worked together again on THE WAY WE KEEP DANCING (KONG MO PAI 3). All three said that the others were more mature than before. When they worked together they had even more chemistry. They all said that from THE WAY WE DANCE to THE WAY WE KEEP DANCING, the entire cast and crew all grew up. However in the process inevitably they would be lost at times. BabyJohn said that last year due to the pandemic, the feeling of lost was very heavy. "The pandemic made the entire social atmosphere very confusing. When everyone thought the situation would be a little better, they then would realize that they would have nothing. The entire industry was very dead. Our group of friends would want to make something ourselves, when we did we realized that it would work. So having a group of friends with the same interests is very important." Ngan Cheuk Ling pointed out that her grasp was very tight on her pursuit of art. Even with many big waves rolling around, she would not be easily washed away. The most important was to believe in herself. Lokman said, "Lost is a very mysterious condition, you have to experience lost to be able to adjust anew. You need to find your own value within, be certain of yourself before you would be able to go over this wave. However the next wave may be on the way, you have to be able to find yourself at any moment."

Yau Hok Sau in the film played a reporter. In the film he asked Ngan Cheuk Ling a question, "Do you want to be famous or able to walk around freely?" In the film she did not respond. In reality did they feel fame and freedom could not co-exist? They agreed that the times were different, stars and viewers both live in the same place. Who said anyone famous could not freely walk around? BabyJohn said, "I feel in this business a culture is slowly building. Stars and viewers both live in the same place. Everyone can co-exist. When someone asks me if they can get a picture, when I am not at work I would usually agree. Sometimes when I am at a restaurant, if you come over and greet me I would even recommend to you what's good there. So you really don't need to take photos in secret, everyone can exist together naturally."

Ngan Cheuk Ling admitted that at the beginning she was not too used to being recognized or secretly photographed, but now she is already much more relaxed. Sometimes she would have some fun with it. "Actually it depends on whether you are used to it or not. At the beginning I wasn't used to it. Suddenly out of the blue someone appeared to take your photos and chat with you, I would feel whether the other person had any goal or intention. Would I need to play the other person's impression of me? Later I learned to relaxed, actually many viewers are very friendly. We can chat. They are able to say my name because they pay attention to my work." The KING MAKER formed group MIRROR's member Lokman perhaps had even more experience. "I am not used to chatting with strangers, sometimes after a word or two I wouldn't know what to say. However the other people would keep talking and I would feel a little awkward. However being recognized and asked for a photo were OK. Sometimes when I run into viewers who are too passionate I would be frightened. Once I was out with friends, someone loudly called my name and smacked my shoulder. Because he really was passionate, I thought I knew him. Even my friends thought we were very close. When they heard I didn't know him they thought it was very funny."

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