Friday, March 26, 2021


Charlene Choi visits a instant cup noodle museum
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Charlene Choi will join Gillian Chung after finishing her new film

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Charlene Choi hopes to get scheduled for the Hong Kong Coliseum before May next year

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Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin yesterday attended a instant cup noodle exhibit. She even personally made one and joked that she wanted to make a Twins 20th anniversary special edition.

Lately Ah Sa has been busy with the film ONCE UPON A TIME IN HONG KONG (GUM SAU JI). She revealed that her scenes with Andy Lau Tak Wa have been completed. Her romantic scenes with Tony Leung Chiu Wai will not be finished until mid April. Has she fallen under the spell of Wai Jai's electrifying eyes? Ah Sa said, "I am going to work, not to meet guys, but off camera I have!" After finishing the film, Ah Sa would head to the Mainland to team with Gillian Chung Yun Tung, because May 18th would be the 20th anniversary of the Twins' formation. That day they would release a song to commemorate the occasion. "Originally this year we would perform a 20th anniversary concert, but we probably wouldn't get the scheduling. We would have to postpone before May next year." Ah Sa also revealed that her Malaysian television series would be released at the end of the year online.

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