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Liu Kai Chi has stopped working to fight his illness

Liu Kai Chi has won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor twice
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Two time Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor Liu Kai Chi recently unfortunately was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Currently he needed to completely stop working and receive treatment at the hospital right away. Because he was once in danger, friends in the industry all shot videos to cheer him on. Luckily with will power as well as his wife Chan Man Yi around the clock care he was able to get over the hump. Yesterday Liu Kai Chi admitted that his health has been poor. He was actively fighting the illness. Full of positive energy, he was confident that he would recover.

The 66 year old Liu Kai Chi has been in the business for over 40 years and made many classic television series and films, his acting has been completely recognized in the industry. He even won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor twice with CAGEMAN and BEAST STALKER. With a successful career, he and fellow TVB training class alumnus wife Chan Man Yi had a happy family with 3 sons. However the youngest Man Yeuk had leukemia in his childhood. Man Yi could not accept the passing of their youngest son and had severely depression. Despite one after another tragedy, he has been able to face them honestly without blaming or complaining. Even this time with his own health issue, he went to the hospital for treatment right away.

Reportedly Uncle Chi after getting the bad news last year kept the news low key because he did not disturb those around him and he did not want others to worry about him. Only very few friends knew. While he was fighting the illness at the hospital, his condition once rapidly deteriorated but he still insisted against informing anyone. Only his family kept him company. Fortunately with his strong will power, his condition became stable. A group of good friends after getting the news shot videos to cheer for him, wishing him to be able to win the fight soon!

Actually in recent years he has rarely been seen, as he focused on his treatment. He often hiked to train his body under Chow Yun Fat's encouragement. Concentrating on film, he still has 4 movies yet to be released. However at the end of last year some Mainland media outlet claimed that he fell onto hard times and had to be a street vendor, which later was confirmed to only be a new film still photo. Most recently the news of his illness spread wider and wider, because he was once a full time Baptist University film academy lecturer and originally agreed to assist in a graduate's film. However he was unable to handle the production and in the end could only resign. Thus the outside learned about his poor health condition.

Uncle Chi did not deny the rumor and in a text message said, "Thank you for your concern, as I get older, the machine breaks down. My body indeed has been unwell so I am under maintenance while it is still early. (Did you resign from the film?) To take care of my body, to prevent hindering the production progress, I have already notified the team that I would be unable to work this time. Right now I am focusing on taking care of my body, health is the most valuable." When asked whether he had stomach cancer, he said, "Please understand my need to have a quiet space to take care of my body. I know that everyone is concerned, but too many well wishes, even though they mean well, would be a type of burden as well. I hope you can understand." He even added a "let's go" emoji that was full of positive energy, proving that he was confident in his fight against cancer.

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