Monday, March 15, 2021


The novel coronavirus severely impacted the economy. The film industry was tested as well, in the face of a future of unknown, Mandarin Films' boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming encouraged his colleagues not to give up.

Wong Pak Ming said, "Mandarin Films under the pandemic did not stop. In 2020 it produced 5 movies, the more difficult it is the more the company should make movies! If Hong Kong has no movie to make then a lot of filmmakers would be unemployed and switch jobs. When the market improves, Hong Kong film would lose competitiveness because it fell behind. Thus we cannot stop, we have to keep creating and producing for even more filmmakers to have jobs, keep practicing, for newcomers to have a chance to learn, pass the torch, Hong Kong film would always have hope." ,br>
Mandarin Films confirmed that this summer, the original team would make an even crazier and even more exciting BREAKOUT BROTHERS 2 (TOH YUK HING DAI 2). At the same time it also prepared for the kung fu action epic MASTER Z 2 (CHEUNG TIN CHI 2), with Max Zhang Jin as the lead to please kung fu film fans around the world. Wong Pak Ming said, "From small budget to big production, commercial or art, each film has its own supporters. I hope through a variety of film subjects, even more people would appreciate Hong Kong movies. With viewers come opportunities, Hong Kong film would definitely shine again and endure without end."

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