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Carlos Chan uses his friend Michelle Wai to get over the questions about marriage
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Carlos Chan Ka Lok and Michelle Wai Sze Nga talked about their film READY OR KNOT (BUT YUT SING FUN)'s production experience on a television interview. In the film Michelle constantly takes the initiative in love, but in real life she is just the opposite. She said, "In real life I would become just like Ka Lok's character, I would choose avoidance. Because I don't know how to positively resolve romantic problems. If I have to get married, I really would be very afraid. For me I would be afraid of marriage, so I understand why many guys would be afraid of marriage. After marriage men can still go out and play ball; but after women become Mommy all entertainment seems to be lost to them, as they have to wholeheartedly take care of their families."

Much of the film's dialogue and story captured the subject of two sexes. When asked if they felt awkward during the shoot, Ka Lok joked, "Michelle and I grinded for a hour before the performance, haha! I remember once the assistant director even guessed whether we were really dating. The director felt that normally acting between the genders would always have some action that were awkward and they would try to avoid, but Michelle and I didn't care at all. We performed at will. However we really aren't dating, we are just good friends."

In the interview, Ka Lok and Michelle played a trivia questions. One of the questions was which astrological sign was between the end of June and the end of July. Ka Lok immediately answered Cancer correctly. When he learned that was his rumored girlfriend Shiga Lin's sign, he was asked whether he studied astrology for compatibility. Michelle protected her friend and said, "Actually it has nothing to do with that! Because our manager is also a Cancer, we are more familiar with it!"

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